Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 12: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 12: Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa

It’s been a few weeks since the last episode of Fire Force aired. This episode directly picks up right after that one. After the destruction of their homes, Shinmon and the villagers begin to rebuild. Sensing an opportunity to help and gain some trust among the 7th Fire Company, Fire Company 8 pitch in. We get a brief montage of the 8th helping, with Shinra using his ability to fly to carry lumber, Maki uses her strength to lift heavy steel pipe. Takehisa is an expert with a nail gun and Arthur uses his mini-Excalibur to help weld. All this goes appreciated by the civilians.We get a greater understanding of the relationship between Benimaru and his Konro. He believes that unlike the other Fire Companies, the 8th is nicer. Benimaru always looks like he’s miserable. It appears that he’s feels guilty. Konro has multiple wounds on both his arms.

At some point, Konro overused his pyrotechnics resulting in parts of his body turning to ash. Benimaru reveals that he never really wanted to be leader of the 7th, but he had no choice due to Konro’s injury. The agents of the Evangelists make a brief appearance in this episode. They are told to kill the 8th, who are investigating them. They decide to manipulate Shinmon into doing their dirty work for them.Transforming into Captain Obi, the agents tell Shinra that he wants to meet Benimaru. When he arrives to the meeting he see (a obvious fake) conversation where Obi and Hinawa loudly talks about the fact that they’re responsible for the Infernals. We know that this isn’t true, but Benimaru wouldn’t. On top of all this he inherently mistrustful of all the Companies including the 8th. This bias makes him even more susceptible to being manipulated.

The entire 8th ends up taking on Benimaru. He handles them without much difficulty. What is particularly interesting in the fight is how Obi fares. In Fire Force, Captain Obi rarely if ever engages in battle. He of course doesn’t have any powers. This left the question of how he could fight against fire users. He does impress. Considering the fact that Benimaru is considered the “strongest” of the Captains, the Obi’s strength must be tremendous. This episode concludes with Konro’s flashback of the moment that he developed tephrosis. I think that the flashback could have waited until the next episode. It seems like it won’t be too much longer. However, we could get to see how strong Konro’s use to be.

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