Fate Grand Order Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode 2 :Recap and Review

Ana prepares for battle

Season 1, Episode 2: Fortress City Uruk

At the wall, demonic beasts attack in massive groups. According to Enkidu, the men have been holding the wall for “six months.” Humans manage to kill more demonic beasts, than get killed. This is all despite the fact that the humans are outnumbered. Enkidu dismisses their effort though. He says that they will “go extinct without even doing anything anyway.” As they head to a boat to get to Uruk, a mysterious stranger interrupts them. When he asks them to introduce themselves he becomes confused when he learns Enkidu’s name. Apparently, King Gilgamesh didn’t set out on his quest until after “the death of his friend, Enkidu.” He exposes Enkidu for an impostor. Enkidu was working for someone called the King of Mages all along. They engage in a fight that was well done. The mysterious man asks his companion, Ana, to help. Armed with a sickle and chains, Ana, engages in an acrobatic battle with Enkidu.


So if not all of the battle is an illusion. With Ritsuka and Mash rescued, our mysterious man reveals that his name is Merlin. Fou knows him and attacks (all in fun though). Doctor Romani tells them about his history. Apparently, Merlin is “the world’s greatest kingmakers and the world’s biggest scoundrel. ” Mash says there are discrepancies in the legend of Merlin. He was believed to be “a mage that built a tower in Avalon and watches over the world from there.” Dr. Romani tells them that Merlin is “useless in battle,” but he can see the present “like a telescope.” This is unlike Solomon, that see the past and future or King Gilgamesh can see the future. Merlin clams that he was summoned by a powerful summoner. Merlin offers to join the group. Ritsuka ask Ana to join as well. The following morning, Merlin asks Mash and Ritsuka to find the “Holy Grail that the King of Mages” sent to the era and take down the “Three Goddess Alliance.” King Gilgamesh rules over Uruk. Merlin describes him as a “tyrannical ancient King.” That has horded all the beautiful women and treasures.

King Gilgamesh challenge Ritsuka and Mash

He is willing to “kill you regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with his opinion.”Mash explains that he was a hero born of a “god and human.” They finally arrive to Uruk. A massive ancient city that’s filled with many people. They head to the ziggurat, a alter for the Mesopotamians. Inside is King Gilgamesh. When they arrive he challenges them to a battle. I’m starting to really enjoy this series. I was skeptical at first but I’m really invested in the story and the action is great. I’m still a little confused regarding who is the good guy or the bad one. The way Merlin described Gilgamesh doesn’t add up to the behavior we witnessed. It was a brief introduction, but I suspect that Merlin (who was described as a liar) is merely jealous and made up the story of Gilgamesh being a tyrant. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the upcoming battle.

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