Dr. Stone Episode 18: Recap and Review

Tsukasa giving Gen orders
Tsukasa giving Gen orders

Season 1, Episode 18: Stone Wars

Senku outsmarts Hyoga, while Gen chooses sides

In Episode 18 of Dr. Stone, The Kingdom of Science and the Kingdom of Might got to war. At the end of episode 17, Gen informed the village that Tsukasa and his army were coming. Senku is excited. However, Tsukasa and his army arrive very quickly. While, Ginro and Kinro are on duty, Kinro spots some of Tsukasa’s men. He tells Ginro to inform the village and “cut the bridge down” if he’s killed. As Kinro backs up on the bridge, a mysterious figure is impressed with his strategy. Kinro manages to break the nose of one of Tsukasa’s men. However, the mysterious man named Hyoga seems much smarter. Armed with a spear of his own, he’s quickly able to deduce that Kinro has bad eyesight. Meanwhile, Gen explains who Hyoga is.

Hyoga is a new major threat

On the bridge, Hyoga and Kinro battle. Hyoga is able to throw his spear very quickly. He stabs Kinro, knocking him off the bridge. However, Kinro grabs Hyoga’s leg. He tells Ginro to cut down the bridge. Meanwhile, the other villagers watch. Ginro overwhelmed with emotion, refuses to cut the bridge down. Senku uses an iron tube filled with dirt and gunpowder. Gen manipulates Magma into throwing a rock at Hyoga, while Senku “shoots” his iron tube. Gen runs across the bridge, warning them that “they have guns.” Senku confirms this ruse. Telling Hyoga that he (Ishigami Senku) is still alive and they have rifles. They leave and they rescue Kinro.

The village preparing to fight Tsukasa's army
The village preparing to fight Tsukasa’s army

The most powerful blades in the world

Senku isn’t very concerned. He says he can predict even predict when they will return. Meanwhile, Tsukasa’s army or at least some of them refuse to return home out of fear. Gen tells them that if they return during a storm, the village couldn’t use the rifles. However, Hyoga isn’t so stupid. He realizes that coming during a storm would be too obvious. He says that they should “return immediately and build a large army.” The other warrior are idiots and plan on fighting anyway. Hyoga accepts that he just have to let the “pawns” have their way. Meanwhile, Senku gives Kinro some glasses. In three days a storm approaches. Senku waits on the bridge for them. When they approach, Kinro, Kohaku, Magma and the former Chief arrive with “blades of science,” katana’s.

However, Hyoga’s spear still has an advantage. He disarms Magma and pushes Ginro and Kohaku back. Kinro, Kohaku and Magma all team up to face Hyoga. Before Kohaku can land a blow his spear breaks. It becomes clear to him that Gen is the one that sabotaged his weapon. Turns out that Gen has official joined the Kingdom of Science. I love when this series balances the science with action. The introduction of Hyoga was unexpected but welcome. Another warrior, that’s smart like Tsukasa. The Kingdom of Might has the most warriors but the least intellects. The dynamic is inverted in the Kingdom of Science. The only question I’m dying to learn is where’s Taiju and Yuzuriha.

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