Dr. Stone Episode 12: Recap and Review

Senku, Ginro and Chrome’s Success

Season 1, Episode: Buddies Back to Back

Senku creates the silver spear he promised Ginro, resulting in the later taunting his brother Kinro. Senku reveals that the silver spear is actually a sensor. It turns black when it detects danger. Senku says that they will be killed if they fail to be careful when making sulfa drugs. The spear turns black when Ginro gets close to the large pool. Senku explains that the pool is made of sulfuric acid. According to Senku, the gas can kill instantly.

The key to their survival is gas masks. Senku gets Kaseki to make them. However, he tells Chrome that they both can’t go, as he can’t risks both scientists dying. Chrome rejects Senku’s concern, instead making a case that they both should go. He shows everyone how to make gas masks and they head to the spring without Ginro. He’s encouraged to face his fears by Kaseki and is given the last gas mask.

While, Senku gas line begins to melt, but Chrome seals it. However, he almost falls into the spring. Ginro rescues him before he’s does. Despite his fear, Ginro is able to overcome them with Senku’s help. Together they manage to get sulfuric acid. Senku really surprised me with his more emotional reassurance. Generally, Senku is sarcastic and analytical the way scientists tend to be, but he managed to encourage everyone. Kaseki also helps, but I didn’t find that surprising. Finally, I would have liked it explained why one couldn’t inhale the sulfuric acid but could fall into a spring of it.

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  1. I hope I don’t come across as irritating, I just want to point this out. Chrome didn’t actually fall into the spring. Ginro’s spear held him suspended just above the water level. He would definitely have died if he hit the surface of the water. (Though, I think it’s a touch ridiculous that his gas mask didn’t melt from the fumes at such a short distance from the water.)

    1. LOL. Your not irritating at all. Thanks for correcting me. I sometimes write reviews from memory, and my memory is apparently not that good. LOL. I guess we have to suspend disbelief with this series, but I’m learn more about science from this series than when I was in high school.

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