Pokemon: Twilight Wings, Episode 2

Bea spars with Machamp i episode 2 of Pokemon Twilight Wing's
Bea spars with Machamp

The second episode of the seven-episode Pokemon Twilight Wing’s miniseries, Training, focuses on the fighting Gym leader Bea. After a humiliating loss to Galar Champion Leon, she heads to the Wild Area to train. Bea is a young girl with grey hair and eyes. She’s an expert in Galar karate and appears to be quiet serious. She arrives in the dusty wild area. Accompanied by her Machop, Machoke, and Machamp she begins her training. First, they battle (off-screen) against a wild Rhydon.

The training consists of exercise, lifting rocks, long-distance running and even sparring with Machamp. Considering the fact that Machamp is a Pokemon capable of “moving mountains with one hand,” watching Bea spar with him was impressive. While resting in a cave, they become trapped. Without her phone (she dropped it) she explores the rest of the cave. Realizing that she’s been selfish, she finally learns to rely on her Pokemon. Together they manage to escape the cave.

Despite the short length of these episodes they manage complete an entire story arc. It’s not really necessary to know Bea’s entire backstory to see how determined she is. Throughout the episode, she changes. While I liked this episode, a small part of me wanted to see more battles. However, I think this series is supposed to focus more on the human characters. The Pokemon themselves feel more realistic. Looking at the emotions on the face Machop was particularly effective. Finally, the animation remains stellar making Pokemon: Twilight Wings a must-watch miniseries.

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4 responses to “Pokemon: Twilight Wings, Episode 2”

  1. Pokemon Twilight Wings is soo good! Glad to see you’re enjoying it as well! I got Pokemon Shield so didn’t don’t know much about Bea at all since she’s Sword exclusive but I feel like after this episode I started to feel like I knew her character better!
    I heard Allister might be getting his own episode so excited for that! This series has been amazing so far!

    1. I was surprised that they managed to create such great episodes with less than ten minute. I’m really excited to see who they focus on next.

  2. I definitely enjoyed this one quite a lot. The animation was really good and I’ve always liked the Machamp line. I like seeing shorts like this where the Pokemon clearly have a lot of personality as opposed to just following orders. Their initiative is key too and this showed the bonds between the trainer and Pokemon.

    1. I wish they could find a way to incorporate a Pokemon’s personality into the games more. I know they try with the camping in Pokemon Sword and Shield but that not enough.

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