No Guns Life Episode 3: Recap & Review

Mary telling Tetsuro about his vocal cords
Mary telling Tetsuro about his vocal cords

Season 1, Episode 3: Puppet

Tetsuro undermines his anti-tool stance

Mary gives Tetsuro arm and leg extensions, but he still can’t walk. With Harmony interfering, Mary can’t restore Tetsuro voice. However, he can speak remotely using an extended head piece. Brother Huang from the Kyusei Group arrives. He asks for Juzo’s help in finding the person responsible for attacking children. The culprit then removes their extensions, hanging them in public areas. As a result, the children fall into comas. Juzo refuses, but he believes that Beruhren is sending him a message. By attacking the children they’re telling him to return Tetsuro to them. Tetsuro asks Juzo to help. He still refuses to do. However, Tetsuro uses his Harmony ability to take control of Juzo.

Tetsuro in Juzo’s body, looks for the culprit

He finds to young girls that are fleeing from a Kyusei enforcer. He rescues them. However, they were given orders to kill any witnesses. Juzo (Tetsuro) is now their target. Ende transforms into a spider like Extended. Tetsuro wants to save them. Unlike Tetsuro, Ende and Anne claim that their not prisoners. Ende attacks him. She shoot him with two poison bullets in his arm. It turns out that it’s the poison that put the children into comas. Meanwhile, Ende losses control and goes on a rampage. Her head hurts. Anne calms her down by reminding her that if they find Tetsuro they won’t have to get be hurt anymore. Their belief that the Beruhren Corp. would take care of them is naive.

Tetsuro in the body of Juzo
Tetsuro in the body of Juzo

Anne and Ende aren’t just tools

They meet with Cunningham, who shows no real concern for Ende’s safety. He calls her a failure and that it’s Anne’s job to prevent her from rampaging. Disappointed. The uncaring Cunningham decides that “both test subjects are to be immediately retired.” His dehumanizing language is telling. Tetsuro (Juzo) arrives. He announces that the “children are not gears.” The primary theme’s of this series is clearly the evils of corporate greed and power. They use human, Extended or not to their ends, caring nothing about them during or afterward.

With Tetsuro having first hand knowledge of this treatment he’s unwilling to live his life as a “tool.” However, in this episode he proves to be a hypocrite. Tetsuro takes over the body of Juzo, forcing him to do something against his will. Tetsuro makes Juzo into a tool. Something that he’s was supposedly against. Juzo certainly will be outraged. Will Tetsuro regret it?

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