My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 4

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 4 opens at the Villa. Fat Gum carries several students in his stomach. Despite the fight not being over, Fat Gum tells them that “ they got what they needed out of them with their wide-range attacks to divide the Paranormal Liberation Front soldiers, and with the Pros now focusing on enclosing the space, said wide-range attacks could have potential casualties.” Suddenly, Blueflames burst out of the Villa, and Tsukuyomi recognizes Hawks. With fire being his weakness, Hawks is being overwhelmed. His wings are mostly burned away. 

Mirko continues her battle with the High-End Nomu’s. However, the High-Ends are becoming stronger as they “awaken.” Mirko is running out of time and flees to capture Dr. Garaki and Tomura. The Nomu’s grab her, one biting her leg and the other grabbing her hair. She rips free. Mirko assumes she’ll die but is determined to complete her mission. Mirko reaches Tomura’s tank and launches a smash with her legs. Suddenly, the elongated Nomu stabs her with its antennae, grabbing the hero.

Tomura awakens

Endeavor manages to overpower his Nomu opponent at the right moment and allows Mirko to break free. With another powerful kick, Mirko manages to crack Tomura’s tank causing liquid to come gushing out. Elsewhere, Woman deduces the limits of Eraserheads Erasure Quirk. High-End Nomu have not only high intelects but physically superior bodies. They’re still dangerous even without their Quirks. 

Despite the tanks being cracked it still has enough data to activate Tomura. While being incomplete Tomura will still be dangerous. He clicks the remote, however, Present Mic uses his Voice Quirk to destroy the rest of the laboratory. He grabs Dr. Garaki while X-Less checks Tomura’s pulse. It has stopped. In a surreal dreamworld, Tomura encounters his family and the visages of All For One. Tomura decay’s them all, symbolically freeing himself. In the real world Tomura is awakened by a spark of electricity. 

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