My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 24 & 25

The final two episode of My Hero Academia close out the the Dark Hero Arc and introduce the Star and Stripe Arc. Personally I found the last two episode to be dull, but I think it was necessary to set up the final arcs. We continue to see hostility from the civilians who believe they’re in more danger if Deku stays with them. Principal Nezu agrees but has done his best to fortify U.A. Nezu is one of the most under used characters in the series. While his Quirk, High Spec doesn’t make him useful in direct combat it does mean he has intellect that others can’t surpass.

During this episode Ochaco steps up to defend Deku. She manages to get most of the crowd to see reason and Deku begins to cry. Kota and the woman Deku saved earlier rush to comfort him as he collapses. Deku will be given time to recover and prepare for the final battle. In episode 25, All Might returns to Kamino. He berates himself for being too weak to stop Deku and “dragging everyone down.” Suddenly, Stain appears holding a sword to All Might’s neck.

“there is no such thing as a special person” – Ochaco

He doesn’t seem to recognize All Might in this form and demands All Might “take back his slam.” When All Might transforms to confirm his identity, Stain is still disappointed. It’s Stain that shows All Might that everyone doesn’t hate heroes. The last person All Might saved comes everyday to clear the graffiti off his statue. Stain explains that heroism doesn’t come from Quirks, but what heroes choose to do.

Stain gives All Might some information from Tartarus and challenges All Might to prove that he’s a true hero. Later Hawks reveals that between Dr. Garaki’s interrogation, testimony from the assassins, and research on the Nomu’s they have been able to deduce that Tomura will require two months until his body is complete. They have one month left to prepare. However, new information suggests that they only have three days.

Will the rest of the world help

Elsewhere, the U.N. meet to discuss All Might’s request for aid. Some of the nations aren’t certain there’s enough time, while others are concerned that sending their heroes would leave them vulnerable. We get to see some foreign heroes like, Egyptian hero Salaam and Singaporean hero Big Red Dot, but it’s Star and Stripe from the USA that’s heading to the Japan to help her “master,” All Might.

I understand that My Hero Academia couldn’t start the next arc at the end of the season but I’m excited to see the next arc animated. Anime series like Jujutsu Kaisen and MHA allude to other countries having powered beings like their Japanese counterparts but the rarely appear. I hope we get to see at least Salaam and Big Red Dot fight (why introduce them right). I’m not sure if the manga will be completed by the time season 7 arrive but it would make the most sense. Either way I can’t wait to see Star and Stripe in action.

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