My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 22

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 22 Midoriya suffers from exhaustion as assassins pursue him. Deku encounters a second assassin who he quickly dispatches without trouble. Together with other Heroes, Deku finds the Creature Rejection Clan’s but they find it to be empty. All For One leaves a hologram where he mocked Deku for being a hero that will help anyone. All For One clearly holds Deku’s sentiments against him and tries to belittle his heroics. He goes on to claim that “if Quirk users can’t fit into society, then you will be excluded,” claiming that it’s “human nature.” The mansion explodes but the heroes escape.

Katsuki saves Deku

He continues to fight without taking a break, refusing to eat or rest. All Might can only watch in horror as he’s helpless in aiding his former student. Deku tells him that he can now use One For All at 100% so he no longer needs All Might. Desperate, All Might begs Deku to take a break. Endeavor warns him that his body will “crumble,” at the rate he’s burning at both ends. Some of the previous users worry about Deku, while the others think Deku is making the right decisions.

Deku continues to defeat villains and rescue civilians while thinking of helping his friends. In my review of My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 318 I argued that Deku was “manic,” and could use the help of his friends. He heads to the city of Kamino and encounters the villain Dictator. He claims that All For One predicted that Deku would become “recklessness, solitude, and exhaustion.” The Dictator is another assassin. Using his Quirk, Despot, he sends civilians to attack Deku. Despite his efforts Deku is too exhausted to help the civilians but Katsuki Bakugo arrives and shoots Dictator with his AP Shot. Through the phone he tells someone on the other end that he’s “found him.”

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