My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 25: Class 1-A reaches new heights

My Hero Academia Season 5 was a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong I still love the series, but this season was underwhelming. It’s possible being a manga reader has set my expectations too high. However, the pervious seasons were better. The final episode needs to end the season while setting up the next. My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 25, “The High, Deep Blue Sky,” wraps up the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Tomura Shigaraki is crowned the Grand Commander, while Hawks watches in the crowd. Before this moment, Dabi and Hawks meet. While Dabi is tight lipped about the events of Deika City, he unzips a duffel bag with the corpse of Best Jeanist. We are quickly assured that Hawks didn’t actually kill the number four hero, when Dabi notes that “even if (the body) isn’t Jeanist, Hawks “definitely killed someone.”

The skeptism from Dabi is obviously warranted because we know Hawks is a double agent, but this narrative is undercooked. I often forget it’s even going on. Regardless, Hawks has work to do. He needs to find out who is the “backer” of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Tomura meets with Doctor Ujiko, who discusses how Quirks have evolved and will eventually become too much for the human body. As generations go on, Quirks continue to merge, becoming more complex. He reintroduces the theory, Quirk Singularity. Dr. Garaki wasn’t taken serious by other, except All For One. He understood that controlling more Quirks is difficult on the body. The ignorance of the society is shocking considering it’s obvious that Quirks are getting stronger. I guess they’ll notice when someone pulls a meteor from the sky.

Class 1-A improves

The rest of the episode focuses on Class 1-A. All the members show of how they improved under the tutelage of Pro Heroes during their work studies. Izuku successfully uses his Blackwhip Quirk. This section of the episode let’s us know that even thought Tomura and the Paranormal Liberation War Arc have gotten stronger the heroes are improving as well. All Might meets with Izuku and Katsuki to discuss One For All. He’s done research into the past users, except he couldn’t find anything on the second and third users. The former user of the Blackwhip Quirk is Daigoro Banjo (Lariat). According to All Might the next Quirk Deku will learn is Nana Shimura: Float. Later, Class 1-A enjoy dinner, while, Eraser Head talks to All Might outside. He’s still adapting to being “powerless.” He’s decided he wants to live.

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  1. A shame MVA didn’t live up to it’s full potential. And that will probably be the only all villain arc we’ll ever get in the series.

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