One Piece Chapter 1026: Momo bites Kaido, Luffy inspires, and Orochi lives.

As Onigashima heads toward the Flower Capital, Luffy and the newly matured Momonosuke fight Kaido. In One Piece Chapter 1026 “Tennozan: Turning Point,” Momo and Kiado cloud the skies creating thunderstorms. Kiado attacks with Blast Breath. At this point Momo is too frighten to do much but dodge. Luffy hammers Kaido with Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. Recalling his Kaido’s brutal attack on his mother, Momo bites Kaido. Luffy strikes Kaido once again.

Meanwhile, at the Treasure Repository Dome, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi revert from their Sulong forms after the clouds begin covering the moon. Perospero and Jack gloat. After biting Kaido, Luffy asks Momo if “anything in the world still feels scary?” He tells Momo to stop Onigashima. Luffy announces that he will “definitely beat Kaido.” The allied forces cheer hearing Luffy. Kaido transforms form his dragon form and he and Luffy clash with Haki. When they do they split the clouds, revealing the moon.

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are able to return to their Sulong form. They both use Oden One-Sword Style: Grinning Cat Claw and Decapitating Dog Fleche, respectively. Perospero and Jack are both defeated. Kurozumi Orochi is a witness to their defeat. I still think Orochi has multiple lives and each head (down from nine to seven) represents one life. Unfortunate for him, he also seems to be weak. His only means of survival is to scheme. With Kaido’s betrayal, he might join the alliance.

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