Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 12: An enraged Nanami dominates Haruta

With Gojo sealed, Grade 1 sorcerers Kento Nanami and Mei Mei take center stage. In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, episode 12, “Dull Knife,” Nanami brutalizes a cowardly Haruta Shigemo, Mei Mei faces a special grade disease cursed spirit Smallpox Deity, Toji returns, and Yuji faces a vengeful Choso.

Nanami verses Haruta

Nanami finds Kiyotaka Ijichi alive but bleeding out. The scene triggers a memory of other friends dying. He becomes infuriated. Haruta attacks Nobara and Akari, focusing on Akari. He throws his sword at Nobara, who blocks it with her hammer. Shigemo’s swords hand like handle begins to chase Akari into the subway. When it catches her it cuts her achilles knocking her down. Haruta avoids Nobara and begins to chase after Akari.

He rushes towards her and delivering a kick to her sternum. He then uses his sword to stab Akari in her butt and legs. Nobara tries in vain to stop him, receiving a devasting hit to the head that disorients her. Suddenly, Nanami shatters a glass door and enters. Pissed, he takes his tie and wraps it around his fist. He asks Haruta “how many curse users there are and where they are located.” Haruto doesn’t answer, resulting in a massive punch from Nanami sending him flying into a glass display across the room. Haruto mentions that his technique preventing from dying.

He doesn’t explain his technique and claims that he doesn’t really understand it. However, there are six purple marks on his face that disappear after every deadly hit he receives. This suggests that he has a lucky technique or he has multiple lives. Not that it helps him much. Haruto is a weak coward and Nanami handles him without any effort.

Mei Mei and the Smallpox Deity

Mei Mei and her brother Ui Ui are a couple of weirdo’s but I’m starting to like them. Mei Mei dramatically tells Niji Ebina as she struts how she came to become a Grade 1 sorcerer. Niji without his leg begs for his life but Mei Mei says she only values a life based on the “service potential is life itself,” and then she kills him with her axe. Later, Pseudo-Geto appears. Mei Mei is able to deduce that he’s a fake but is shocked that he can use Cursed Spirit Manipulation.

She doesn’t have too much time to think. Geto summons a special grade curse spirit, Smallpox Deity. The spirit quickly activates its domain expansion. Mei Mei is trapped inside a coffin then that coffin is crushed by a massive gravestone. The spirit then begins to count down from three, however, Mei Mei breaks out before it can reach one. She surprise to find herself in the position and wonders when the last time her life was put in danger.

Toji returns and Choso attacks

After Yuji and Megumi save a critical Ino, we see that somehow the “special” body of Toji was able to override the soul of Ogami’s grandson, much to her surprise. She commands her grandson to kill more sorcerers. Toji isn’t going to listen to obey and after a smooth flash step he kills the old hag. I’m excited to see Toji back and wonder who his next victim will be.

Finally, Yuji enters the Shibuya Station and wonders where all the people are. Elsewhere, Nanami tells Akari and Nobara to remain behind as the mission now require Grade 1 sorcerers or higher to complete. He state that Ijichi will be fine. He heads off to join the Zenin team. Yuji runs into Choso and the bottom of some escalators. Seeing his prey, Choso actives his Blood Manipulation technique and prepares to avenge his brothers.

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