Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 11: Toji returns

In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 11, “Summon,” Toji Fushiguro is summoned by cursed user Ogami, meanwhile, Yuji and Megumi battle a nearly invincible opponent. Yuji, Ino, and Megumi are tasked with destroying a curtain keeping jujutsu sorcerers out of Inner Shibuya. Yuji first tries to use his massive strength to break the curtain with a punch. It’s ineffective. Megumi, the more logical of the three, suggests that they instead try to find a weak point in the curtain. Ino sees this as a hopeless endeavor, however, Yuji points out that the curtains at Meiji-Jingumae Station. According to Ino, “by staying outside the curtain the risk of being seen increases and in return the curtain’s strength does as well.” They conclude that the curse users must be nearby and at a obvious location. That location is the tallest building in the city, Shibuya Tower.

Yuji and Megumi vs Jiro Awasaka

On the roof of the tower, Jiro isn’t sure jutsu sorcerers will find them. Ogami, a old female sorcerer, and her grandson are surprise when they get captured in wire. Yuji and Megumi grab Jiro and toss him off the roof. Meanwhile, Ino is left to face Ogami and her grandson alone. When Yuji and Megumi find Jiro he’s playing possum. Megumi calls out to him telling him he’s not buying it. Jiro finally gets up claiming that “kids these days have no respect for the elderly.”

Yuji and Megumi struggle to fight in sync while land blows on Jiro. Nothing they do manage to inflict damage on Jiro. In a flashback, Jiro gives us some glimpse the effect that Gojo’s birth had on the jujutsu sorcerer’s world. We he was a child, Gojo was the target of bounty hunters. However, Gojo was able to “see” them and intimidate them, inducing fear in Ogami and Jiro. In the present, Yuji and Megumi are frustrated. No matter how much they hit him he doesn’t seem to take damage. Megumi figures out that Jiro is using an innate technique, Inverse. The technique is simple: attacks targeting Jiro weaker the stronger they are and vise versa.

Yuji and Megumi attack, mixing strong and weak blows. Yuji charges a powerful attack. He stops his own momentum turning his powerful punch into a weak one knocking Awasaka unconscious.

Takuma Ino vs Ogami and Her Grandson

On the top of Shibuya C Tower, Takuma Ino fights against Ogami and her grandson. Ino activates his Innate Technique: Auspicious Beast Summon. Ino creates a horn that he shoots at great speed and blows a hole in the grandson’s arm. While his grandmother rays with her beads, Ogami’s grandson successfully defends her against Ino’s attack. Ino releases somethings up, however, he’s too late. Ogami manages to summon the DNA information of Toji Zenin. This seems to grant her grandson the physical attributes of Toji. We get a flashback from the 90’s when Gojo was born and the effects he had on Japan. Ogami and Awasaka were hitmen, killing at will. According to Awasaka, their “freedom,” was stolen. Ino is overwhelmed by the resurrected Toji. However, he (Toji) doesn’t seem to be interested in killing Ino.

The return of Toji is exciting. Such a fan favorite, Toji’s amazing strength and cocky attitude was missed. I wonder if well ever get a clear explanation regarding the gap between the “body,” and the “soul.” Jujutsu Kaisen seems to be trying to answer this question but I doubt it will get answered in this arc. Anyway, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 11, is another great episode.

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