Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 14: Recap and Review

Shinra saves Benimaru from falling
Shinra saves Benimaru

Season 1, Episode 14: For Whom The Flame Burn

Benimaru battles to save his town

As the civilians continue to bicker, Benimaru implores Konro to talk to the people. He believes that the town would listen to him. However, Konro doesn’t think that he’s the one to do it. Konro tells him that the people want to here from Benimaru. As a result, Benimaru decides he’s going to “smash things up.” Yona takes great pleasure in the chaos that he’s created. However, Benimaru gets the attention of the people. He explains the situation and tells his people to beat each other up. Meanwhile, Company 7 will put out the fires. Benimaru’s remedy is ridiculous. It reminds me of a similar situation in Naruto. However, Shikamaru decides that everyone should stand apart inside circles. This keeps everyone safe. However, Benimaru isn’t that smart.

However, the civilians are excited to have a “fight festival.” Yona is appalled. He considers the fighting “barbaric,” and “not art.” Elsewhere, Shinra and Arthur face off against Haran that has now become a horned Infernal. Shinra is reminded of the Infernal from his childhood. Haran overwhelms both Shinra and Arthur with his power. However, Benimaru interfere’s.

Shinra deflecting Arrow's arrow
Shinra deflecting Arrow’s arrow

Benimaru verses Haran

Haran fires massive flames at Benimaru. However, Benimaru redirects them at Haran with ease. Benimaru strikes Haran in the chest, but Haran skin is too hard. Benimaru grabs a matoi and launches Haran into the sky. He does this to avoid destroying the town. Meanwhile, the White Hood, Arrow, targets Benimaru. Konro attempts to stop her, but is in no shape to use his powers. He falls off the latter. Desperate, Konro calls to Shinra to intercept the arrow. Shinra launches towards the arrow and increasing speed. After a struggle, Shinra’s determination wins out. He deflects the arrow leaving Benimaru to defeat Haran.

Using several matoi, Benimaru is at first unable to “crack” Haran. He “borrows” a move from Konro. Crimson Moon. Shinra catches an exhausted Benimaru. Afterward, the Evangelists are able to burn all the evidence. Later, Benimaru and Obi share sake, seemingly sealing a friendship between the two companies. The animation in this episode was great. Particularly during the fighting, when it mattered the most. I think long term it’s going to be good that Benimaru comes to trust at least one company. He probably wouldn’t and shouldn’t trust the other companies. However, Company 8 now have another ally against the Evangelists.

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