Fate Grand Order Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode 4 :Recap and Review

The jungle Goddess, Jaguarman
The jungle Goddess, Jaguarman

Welcome to the Jungle

Ritsuka has to make a choice

It’s been a month since they’re arrived. Mash and Ritsuka continue to do hard labor to appease King Gilgamesh. While walking home from work, Fou notices a man in an alley. Ritsuka offers the man food. However, he responds that “compassion without reason is an evil.” Despite this reaction, he accepts Ritsuka’s food. In return he gives them a warning. “Three storms will soon sweep over Uruk,” he says. He say to “empathize not with the hateful one,” “Celebrate not with the joyous one,” and “extol not the pained one.” Obviously, the old man is referring to the three goddesses. But it’s unclear what he means. The following morning Ritsuka and his crew are called to the King.

A direct order form the King

Ritsuka, Mash, Merlin and Ana have finally become worthy of King Gilgamesh. At least enough to give them a direct order and speak Ritsuka’s name. He sends them to the city of Ur, to investigate. Ritsuka notices that the Holy Grail the King has is different from the other six they collected. Merlin suggests that this means the King doesn’t have the Grail they need. Outside the village, Ritsuka and the others encounter a demonic beasts. Ana kills it. Called a “Mushussu,” Merlin explains that it’s one of the demonic beasts called the “Eleven Offspring of Tiamat.” While walking through the jungle, Merlin whines about the flies. Ana senses something following them. Turns out the person following them is a woman in a costume called, Jaguarman.

Mash and Ana prepare to battle Jaguarman
Mash and Ana prepare to battle Jaguarman

A battle with the goddess, Jaguarman

They arrive in Ur. Everyone appears fine. However, the next day Merlin asks to speak to all the townspeople. He wants to know why they feel that their safe. They state that the jungle goddess protects them. Merlin is buying it. He asks them “how many sacrifices.” The villager responds there isn’t any sacrificing. However, Merlin notices that there’s a lack of men in the village. Exposed, they finally admit that they sacrifice one man a day to Eridu. The men where “sacrificed” to the Jaguarman, but it turns out that they became slaves in Eridu. Jaguarman arrives and attacks. Jaguarman while wielding a weapon with a paw at the end, is quick footed. She also has tremendous strength.

Merlin confirms that she’s a “divine spirit,” and they need to have a servant with divinity. Tasked with abandoning another city, Ritsuka is conflicted. Mash has faith in his choice. He choose to flee. Ritsuka promises to return to rescue the villagers in Ur. The decision to retreat would have been more harrowing if the men in the village were actually sacrificed. However, they’re still alive. While being a slave isn’t good, it’s better than death. This makes Ritsuka’s decisions much easier. I really like Jaguarman. It’s a little weird that she doesn’t call herself “Jaguarwoman,” but she’s a strange character. I wonder why she dresses that way and like the fact that she talks like a cat. Considering that she evil it’s a odd and interesting characterization.

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