Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 3: Recap and Review

John Watson at the birthday party
John Watson at the birthday party

Season 1, Episode 3: Keep It In The Family

Sherlock unravels who framed a lawyer

While conducting an autopsy of a woman, John Watson, discovered a “sticker.” However, Six months after he learns that it was a miniaturized transmitter. He tells his boss. Afterward, he notices some strange events that seemed to target his life. He was almost hit by a car and his apartment was set on fire. He went to the West Side in fear. However, Sherlock doesn’t appear to care about Watson’s case. At the celebration of Moriarty’s birthday, they discuss the “Jack” case. There hasn’t been another murder in six months. There’s a frantic man at the door. He claims the police are after him. His name is Pu Tanaka and he’s a suspect in a murder.

Pu Tanaka, the innocent client

While working in his office, he gets a call from his uncle Cosmos (Uchu). Diagnosis with cancer, hid uncle makes him his sole heir. After drinking, he falls asleep. He awakens to find the bar on fire, his uncle dead and a knife in his hand. Before he can finish, the police arrest him. Mrs. Hudson believes he’s innocent, she offers a reward for 5 million yen, S Rank with bonus. Sherlock and John head to the West. While investigating the crime scene we learn that there are no other people on the security cam. Sherlock finds the fact that Pu is a suspect to be ridiculous. Why would a lawyer “draft a will, then kill him five minutes later.” Sherlock and John head to Pu’s mothers house.

Cosmos is alive, his brother is dead

Sherlock learns that Pu and/or Cosmos had gambling debts. Meanwhile, Watson speaks to Pu’s mother. He tells him that Pu was going to be a doctor but has fear of blood. Sherlock is snooping through the rooms, he finds a book. Within it, reads “I can’t believe that curse would affect Pu-chan, too. . . I won’t dream of being watched anymore.” Elsewhere, Kyogoku reads through a call sheet. He claims that he knows who the killer is. He calls the Tanaka residence. Turns out that Cosmos got his brother and nephew into debt. Kyogoku concludes that . . . Pu is guilty. However, Sherlock can’t believe it. He simply doesn’t think Pu is that stupid. After learning that Pu was afraid of blood, he figures it out. Cosmos killed his own brother.

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