Fate Grand Order Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode 3 :Recap and Review

King Gilgamesh fights Ana and Mash in episode 3 of Fate Grand Order Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia.
King Gilgamesh verses Ana and Mash

Season 1, Episode 3: The King and His People

Gilgamesh is unimpressed

Merlin asks Ana to help Mash. However, neither one is able to do any damage. Gilgamesh aborts the battle, claiming that it’s “waste of his time.” As a result of their inability to challenge him, he tells them to leave. When Ritsuka asks for a “word,” Gilgamesh tells him he already know everything. Ritsuka wants him to hear them out. Believing that Gilgamesh can help them find the Holy Grail. However, Gilgamesh reveals that he’s already in possession of the grail. Anticipating their request, Gilgamesh warns them not to ask him to give them the grail. Ritsuka offers to defeat the three goddesses in exchange for the Holy Grail. However, Gilgamesh doubts that they can manage to do anything against the goddesses.

Ishtar, one of the three goddesses arrives

A servant arrives to inform King Gilgamesh that Ishtar is approaching at “high speeds.” She bursts through the roof. Ishtar turns out to be the nameless woman from episode 1. She attacks Gilgamesh. Ana and Mash interfere. Ishtar uses Ana’s chains staging her and Mash. However, Ishtar stops fighting, taking a closer look at Ana. She suggests that “things are getting complicated.” She changes her mind and leaves. Meanwhile, King Gilgamesh acts as like nothing happens and resumes his previous activates. He tells them that if they want to help the need to “work from the bottom.” In order to get the Kings attention, they need to have some “noteworthy achievements.” They’re tasked with jobs from within Uruk. Despite the Kings attitude he’s taken to the group.

King Gilgamesh’s summoned servants

Ritsuka, Ana and Mash are introduced to King Gilgamesh’s servants. In addition to Merlin, there’s Ushiwakamaru, Benkei and Leonidas. In mythology, Ushiwakamaru is the childhood name of the legendary samurai, Yoshitomo. Benkei is named after the legendary monk that Yoshitomo defeats in a duel. Leonidas was the name of legendary King of Sparta. The following morning Mash, Ana and Ritsuka are given a series of mundane tasks. They are given a day off. Ana asks them to help her. Together they fight and kill evil spirits. Elsewhere, Enkidu reassures his mother that she will rule the world.

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