Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, Episode 11

The final episode of Demon Slayer Season 3, Episode 11 titled “The Connected Bonds: Daybreak And First Light,” marked a turning point in the series as Nezuko is revealed to be more special than we thought. Nezuko, Genya, and Tanjiro continue to chase the annoying and illusive Hantengu. Still hobbled by the an earlier encounter, Tanjiro relies on advice given to him by Zenitsu. If he could focus on his legs he might be able to use “Thunder Breathing.” It’s not clear whether or not this technique officially counts as “Thunder Breathing,” but it definitely looked like it.

Regardless, Tanjiro is able to move with speed comparable to that of Zenitsu. He catches up to Hantengu and once again fails to decapitate the demon. The Upper Demon transforms again into a larger clone of himself and begins to crush Tanjiro’s skull. Genya arrives and manages to rip the demons arms off and Nezuko uses her Blood Demon Art to set Hantengu ablaze. Once again the demon is able to barely escape death. Staggering backwards the Upper Rank demon falls backwards off a cliff taking Tanjiro with him.

Good Morning

On the ground, Hantengu rushes to consume some nearby villagers while Tanjiro desperately searches for a weapon since his sword is lodged in Hantengu’s neck. Suddenly, Muichiro tosses the polished ancient blade, although Hotaru is please as the sword is “unfinished.” Armed, Tanjiro uses Total Concentration and Hinokami Kagura and erupts towards Hantengu. This time he manages to successfully decapitate the latest clone of the Upper Rank Demon. There is just two problems that isn’t the original demon and the sun is rising.

Nezuko rushes toward Tanjiro to warn him that the corpse of the clone of Hantengu continues its chase. However, the the sun rises and Nezuko begins to burn. Tanjiro struggles between two tragic choices: save his sister or the innocent villagers. He can’t choose and suffers a panic attack. Nezuko understanding her brothers position decides to kick him towards the villagers forcing his hand. Assuming Nezuko dies, Tanjiro finally kills the cowardly Hantengu. Afterwards, Tanjiro suffers with grief but is shocked when a villagers points behind him revealing that Nezuko has survived. Able to speak, she says to her brother “Good Morning.”

Muzan targets Nezuko

The rest of the episode wraps up the arc and sets up the next one. Muzan having witness the events of the fight through his demons, is excited at the revelation that Nezuko is immune to the sun. If he can absorb her he will be too and untouchable. He kills his false family and heads out. This marks that moment when Muzan became the hunter instead of the hunted. Nezuko is likely going to be hidden in the future. Nezuko’s blood that was given to Tamayo earlier in the series appears to have healing properties or can at least reverse some demonization. According to Tamayo, “the man transformed by Muzan in Asakusa has regained his identity due to Nezuko’s blood.”

This information while helpful seemed like it should have been reveal at an earlier period in the story. Tamayo appears to have written this letter after Nezuko’s exposure to the sun, this information seems more useful for the audience than the characters in the story. As a result, it feels out of place. Anyway, for a arc that featured two Upper Ranked Demons, the were few casualties. Of course I don’t think that will last but Muzan is now down to his three strongest Upper Ranks, Kokushibo, Doma, and Akaza. While short, this arc was the most impactful. I have read forward but I think the next arc will focus on whatever Zenitsu and the others are up two. Demon Slayer has more competition as best anime with Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen, but it’s still one of the best series ever.

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