Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, Episode 10

Mitsuri Kanroji takes center stage in Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, Episode 10, “Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji.” The Love Hashira has been a standout among many fans particularly due to her colorful look and boob window. We had glimpses into her fighting style and her unique blade. Mitsuri rushes to rescue Nezuko and Genya, however, Zohakuten uses Crazed Cry of Thunder Death, combining his wood dragons, Sekido’s lightning, and Urogi’s sonic scream. The attack seems overwhelming at first but are quickly dispersed when Mitsuri counters with Love Breathing, Third Form: Catlove Shower.

Mitsuri’s attacks are cat themed, featuring cat sounds. It’s adorable. Mitsuri then uses Love Breathing, Second Form: Love Pangs and Sixth Form: Catlegged Winds of Love to counter more of Zohakuten’s attacks. Seeing his abilities being unsuccessful the Upper Demon then decides to pivot to his Blood Demon Art: Countless Striking Trees. This attack despite it’s range isn’t effective as Mitsuri uses Love Breathing: Fifth Form: Swaying Love Wildclaw unleashing a furry of slashes. She then wraps her sword around the neck of Zohakuten but is ignorant of the fact that he’s not the real body. Zohakuten hits her with a devastating attack Compressed Sound Waves.

Mitsuri is not an ordinary woman

While unconscienced from the attack we flashback to Mitsuri’s youth. She’s rejected by a possible husband for her “unusual hair color,” claiming that she should marry “a bear, a boar, or a bull.” As a child, she showed impressive strength being able to lift a massive stone and later successfully arm wrestle a sumo wrestler. According to her father, Mitsuri possess dense muscles. The larger society doesn’t value Mitsuri but her parents want her to be herself. She succumbs to the pressure, dying her hair black, pretending she doesn’t eat much, and acting weak.

She eventually gets tired of pretending. Earlier on the season she claims that she joined the Hashiras in part to find a husband strong enough to accept her. Obanai Iguro may be that guy. He gave her the leggings she wears suggesting he might like her. Like Muichiro, Mitsuri develops a mark on her neck. With new energy, she increases her speed. Zohakuten resigns himself to having to waiting until Mitsuri’s stamina depletes. Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya head off to kill the original Hantengu. Personally I’m not that interested in the original Hantengu but I do want to find out what his past was like. He claims that he’s never told a lie and that he’s a “virtuous weakling.” He’s self aware enough to know that he’s “pitiful,” and yet claims he’s never received any “sympathy.” I wonder why.

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