Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 12: Kill or Die

In Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 12, Olmar is mocked by the members of the king’s guard. In the previous episode Olmar failed to cut a pig embarrassing himself and his family in front of King Canute. Despite Brodd and the others personal feelings over Olmar, Brodd attempts to give a more formal rejection before bursting into laughter. Olmar whose prone to angry attacks them. Of course Olmar is a terrible warrior and is easily bested ending up on the floor. His brother Thorgil arrives. He tells Olmar to “get back on his feet and kill them.” For Thorgil there are two options for an insulted warrior, “Kill or die.”

Thorgil takes it one step further and threatens to kill Olmar if he doesn’t fight. He coaches Olmar to imagine his opponents death. Olmar charges towards Brodd but suddenly a mysterious man flicks a coin into the eye of Brodd. Distracted Olmar stabs Brodd through the neck. The other warriors step up to fight Olmar, Thorgil says he’s going to take over. We have been shown how much Thorgil loves violence and now we get to see it. Thorgil’s eyes turn white symbolizing that he fighting on instinct.

The churls deserved to die

Thorgil is a brutal fighter. He cuts one guy in pieces. Meanwhile, Olmar tries to come to the realization that he killed a man. Thorgil is in his element, hacking pieces off the men with a massive grin on his face. He’s vicious and clearly takes pleasure inflict pain. The contrast between the two brothers is dramatic. Their father rushes to see the commotion and is horrified to see the carnage. Thorgil defends their actions saying they were simply defending their honor. Thorgil is certain that they won’t be punished. The guards arrive and are surprised to see Olmar still alive.

Regardless, Thorgil was wrong and the guards arrest them. Thorgil isn’t having any of it and kills the guards. The last one is interrogated and Thorgil asks him “why they let Olmar win?” He reveals that they intend to kill Olmar and arrest Ketil. He reveals that it was the orders from Captain Wulf. While Ketil is devasted that the King wants his head, Thorgil is happy to have a strong opponent. Even though their plan failed Canute notes that they still have an argument for Ketil’s arrest. In a few days Canute’s army arrives to the farm.

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