Top Five Xanatos Gambits in Anime

According to TV Tropes, a Xanatos Gambit is a ” plan for which all foreseeable outcomes benefit the creator — including ones that superficially appear to be failure. The creator predicts potential attempts to thwart the plan, and arranges the situation such that the creator will ultimately benefit even if their adversary “succeeds” in “stopping” them.” Basically, regardless of whether the plan succeeds or fails, the creator benefits.

5. Attack on Titan – Erwin “wins” no matter what

During the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc, the Scout Regiment begin an expedition that was interrupted by the Female Titan. No matter the result of the expedition, Erwin won. If they captured the Female Titan, the scouts got rid of a major threat and learn more about spies in the scouts. If they failed, Erwin would learn the identity of the “infiltrators” and by extension the Female Titan.

4. Cowboy Bebop – Vicious takes over the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate

The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate was a crime organization in Cowboy Bebop. Vicious attempts a coup d’etat against the Red Dragon Syndicate. While he hoped to succeed, he anticipated his failure. Which indeed happened. He was sentenced to death. However, he stacked the execution squad with his men, who then killed the elders.

3. MHA – All For One is victorious against All Might

When he fought All Might, All For One would be victorious whether he lost or not. In victory, he would kill the “symbol of peace.” Had he lost, he would force All Might to use the rest of One for All rendering him less effective against villains. This would result in the rise of villains once again. In addition to this, his defeat would anger Shigaraki, making him angry and more dangerous.

2. Yu Yu Hakusho – Sensui tricks Koenma

Sensui wanted to open Makai Tunnel. In order to accomplish this he enacts an elaborate plan that enlists eleven year old Amanuma. With the ability to “bring video games to life,” Amanuma traps Yusuke and his friends in a game world that “kills the antagonist if the heroes win, or the heroes if they give up.” Kurama kills Amanuma, but Koenma bring him back to life.

This however turns out to be part of the plan. Sensui knows that Koenma, feeling guilty for the situation will use up his powers to save Amanuma. Koenma is the only one that had the power to stop Sensui, so he managed to eliminate as a threat him. Regardless of what happened, Makai Tunnel would open.

1. Dragon Ball Super – The Zenos get what they want

On the surface, Zeno appears to be an adorable child like being. However, as the Grand Zeno (The Supreme ruler of the Multiverse), Zeno is the most powerful being. Like most deities, Zeno is largely indifferent to other beings. Zeno, along with Future Zeno create the Tournament of Power. Within that tournament, any universe that loses will be erased. Initial it seems like the Gods simply want to be entertained, however they really want a “good person” to win and resurrect the erased universes.

This act would show that the universes can change and grow.If the wish is selfish, the Zenos would erase everything anyway. They type of wish doesn’t matter. The Zenos would get an entertaining tournament and would have to worry about mortals, either because the proved that they can change or they were erased.

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