The Top 100 Anime and Manga Battles of All Time (100 – 91)

Back in December of 2013, I created a list of “My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga Battles.” As 2020 begins I decided that is should create another one. Since 2013 a number of anime and manga series have begun and ended. I also got into series that I didn’t watch when I created the original lists, The Seven Deadly Sins and Hunter X Hunter being among them. Looking at the series that dominated my original lists, the Big 3 were prominent.

With Naruto (30%) being the most represented, followed by One Piece (15%), Bleach (10%), Pokemon (8%), Evangelion and Gurren Lagann (6%), DBZ (5%), Attack on Titan and Yu Yu Hakusho with (3%) and Air Gear, FMA, and Samurai Champloo at (2%) each. I’m certain my new list will increase in diversity, I wonder what the percentages will be. Everyone lists has it’s limits. This list is limited to all the anime fights I’ve seen. I don’t need to have watch the anime series per say, just the fight. Despite the title, I’m certain these aren’t actually all THE bests battles ever. However, I’m sure that many of the entries on this list would be on many other all time battles list. Without further ado lets begin.

100. Sajin Komamura vs Bambietta Basterbine

During the Quincy Blood War, Komamura and Bambietta battle in Wandenreich City. Sajin Komamura is the Captain of the 7th Division. An anthropomorphic wolf, Sajin is a powerful Shinigami with a high sense of honor. Sternritter Bambietta is a Quincy and member of the Sternritter’s. Designated with the power of “E” for Explode, she is cute but sadistic. The battle between Sajin and Bambietta, starts off as a conflict between Shinji, Momo, Sanji and Bambietta. Both Shinji and Momo are quickly defeated.

Sajin realizes that he can’t simply block Bambietta’s “Explode.” Her ability allows her to turn anything her Reishi touches into a bomb. Sajin, having undergoing the Humanization Technique, is now human. He activates his Kokujo Tengen Myo’o Dangai Joe. Having also gone through transformation, Sajin’s Bankai is now only Reiatsu. As a result Bambietta’s ability is nullified and she is defeated.

99. Shikamaru Nara vs Tayuya

Tayuya activates her curse seal and summons “three demons”, she controls them with her flute. Shikamaru uses his intellect to outwit Tayuya, and devises a strategy “in nine moves”. Through pure observation Shikamaru figures out her summons movement based on her finger movements. He manages to take control of her summons, though Tayuya cancels the summons in response. Surprised by Shikamaru’s intelligence Tayuya uses her second level of the curse seal. Shikamaru uses his “Shadow–Neck Binding Technique” attempting to choke her.

Tayuya traps Shikamaru in a genjutsu, that hinders his movement. Tayuya picks up a kunai that “missed” her when Shikamaru threw it at her earlier. She attempts to stab Shikamaru and he punches her in the stomach. Surprised again, Shikamaru uses his shadow bind technique to break his own finger breaking the genjutsu. Shikamaru explains “his plans and how he missed with that kunai on purpose to get her to come closer while he then prepared his Shadow–Neck Binding Technique”. However, the level 2 curse allows Tayuya to suppress the shadow bind and she is almost able to kill Shikamaru.

98. Mayuri vs Szayel

This was the type of battle that’s fought and won mentally. Mayuri is a odd character, he fits the “Mad scientist” archetype. He’s arrogant , rude and condescending. Szayelaporro Granz is similar to Mayuri in that regard. The back and forth of these to combatants is what’s most enjoyable. They keep trying to one up one another with their techniques. Although, this results in some grotesque techniques (Mayuri’s Bankai eating Granz, Granz being rebirth from Nemi’s mouth). Granz attempts to turn Mayuri’s Bankai against him, but he self destructs it. Granz claims he cannot be killed, that he continues to be reborn indefinitely.

Mayuri is disappointed because Granz “lack of any further abilities”. He explains that by recreating himself inside Nemu, Granz is now “dosed with a sense-enhancing chemical”. This drug increases Granz senses, paralyzing him as seconds become centuries. Mayuri proceeds to breaking off his blade in Granz hand torturing him for eternity.

97. Android 17 vs Piccolo

Piccolo is one of the few characters in the Dragon Ball Series that get to shine, other than Saiyan’s. During the Cell saga he fuses with Kami, becoming a complete and more powerful fighter. In an effort to stop Cell from becoming perfect Piccolo decides to destroy the androids. Piccolo and Android #17 are of equal strength. He’s at a disadvantage, unlike the android’s he doesn’t have unlimited energy. He uses his “regeneration abilities” and his several energy attacks, like his “Hellzone Grenade”. This battle is cut short by the arrival of Cell, but was entertaining while it lasted.

96. Temari vs Shikamaru

This battle was relatively short, however it was clearly a surprise in its quality both to me and the crowd. Temari being eager to battle unlike Shikamaru who’s lazy and dismissive. He seems to be a bit of a misogynist, claiming that his only motivation is not to lose to “a girl”. As Temari attacks with her fan, he flees gaining cover into the trees.

Temari annoyed uses her “kamaitachi” , Shikamaru uses his “Shadow bind”. Temari is force to avoid his technique, and marks it’s length in the ground. Both Temari and Shikamaru show of their intellectual abilities, building strategies to defeat on another. Ultimately, Shikamaru wins this with his superior strategy surprising everyone.

95. Kakashi vs Pain

This battle exemplified all of Kakashi’s abilities. He think’s steps ahead, he develops a strategy, and can execute. He’s able to deduce Pain’s Deva Path abilities in a short time, and devises a plan to stop him. With the help of Chōji and Chōza Akimichi they nearly defeat him. The Asura Path arrives to aid the Deva Path, and further complicates things. They were close to becoming successful in defeating the Deva Path, but the Asura Path sacrifices itself. Giving the Deva Path an opportunity to defeat them. Realizing that Kakashi is a major threat, the Deva Path decides to kill him. Pain hurls a nail at Kakashi’s head, appearing to have killed him.

94. Harribel vs Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya’s fight with Harribel changes when she senses that her “Fraccións” were defeat by Captain-Commander Yamamoto. Harribel reveals that she is ranked 3rd Espada. Hitsugaya is surprised by her “low” rank due to Harribel’s tremendous power. Hitsugaya uses his Bankai as Harribel rushes at him and they cross blades. As their battle continues, Hitsugaya is finding himself being dominated by Harribel. He prepares to counter, but Harribel gives him no chance due to using her “Ola Azul” technique. Harribel questions “whether this is the full strength of a captain”. She finally releases her Zanpakuto, Tiburón. Harribel slices through Hitsugaya’s body without him realizes it.

She wrongly assumes that Hitsugaya is dead and sets her sights on Captain Commander. However, before she can attack Hitsugaya does. She manages to dodge the attack but is confuse as to how he survived. An ice clone is seen falling to the ground, Hitsugaya states that “he didn’t want to use that technique so early as it was a one time move that he was waiting to use for later in the battle”. Hitsugaya and Harribel continue to trade attacks, but neither seems to gain the advantage. This is due to the fact that their Zanpakuto’s are opposite elements, ice and water. They continue with a back and forth of changing water to ice and vice versa. Hitsugaya realizes that they are both are waiting for condensation to accumulate.

Harribel asks what he is talking about and Hitsugaya explains that “he actually doesn’t have to wait for water, as Hyōrinmaru is the most powerful ice-element Zanpakuto, and so all water is his weapon, which means that all the heavens are under his command”.He uses his “Hyoten Hyakkaso” when it begins, a huge hole appears in the clouds. She learns that “Hyoten Hyakkaso” is an extension of Tenso Jurin”. Hitsugaya explains that it’s “one of Hyōrinmaru’s basic powers, but also its strongest”. The sky begins to darken, and snow begins to fall. Ice flowers bloom as her her sword touches the snow. Hitsugaya tells her that “Hyoten Hyakkaso” causes anything that touches the snow to freeze into the shape of a flower”. He say’s that “once one hundred flowers have bloomed, she will die”.

93. Kurama vs Shigure

Kurama fights against Shigure, also known as “The Demon Surgeon.” Shigure is a better fighter from the beginning. Kurama is at a disadvantage at his original level, but he transforms into Yoko. Once he does this he becomes a superior fighter managing to compete much better. His speed increases and he’s able to dodge Shigure’s attacks effortlessly. However, Kurama forces himself back to his original form. He didn’t want to “resort to using Yoko”. Despite being weaker, he uses a “large dormant tree” that he previously planted. After a brief exchange, Shigure realizes he’s been defeated a forfeits handing Kurama the win.

92. Colonel Mustang vs Envy

Mustang encounters Envy, who reveals that he was Hughes killer. Seeking revenge for the killing of Hughes, Mustang goes berserk. He’s completely without mercy as he burns Envy’s tongue. Envy transforms into a grotesque monster, Mustang responses by setting Envy’s eye fluid aflame. Envy realizing Mustang could easily kill him, flees. Envy attempts to confuse Mustang by transforms into Hughes, however Mustang isn’t fooled. Envy fails to make any headway as Mustang is to good.

Mustang mercilessly burns Envy. Envy try’s to trick Riza , but Envy falls for a trap she sets. She is able to damage him with her guns, but Envy gets the advantage. When Envy is about to kill her, Mustang furiously attacks him. He burns Envy to the point where Envy reverts back to a smaller parasitic form. Riza and Edward manage to stop Mustang from killing Envy. Envy doesn’t comprehend humanity’s ability to have compassion, he starts crying and commits suicide.

91. Monkey D. Luffy vs Blueno

Unlike their previous fight, Luffy is more prepared to handle Blueno’s techniques. Luffy also reveals his new technique, “Gear Second”. Luffy basically demolishes Blueno after this, preventing him from getting any advantage. Luffy hits him with a devastating “Jet Bazooka”, which Blueno decides use his strongest “Tekkai Gou” to block it. Luffy is prepared to reveal his “Gear Third technique”, but it’s not necessary.

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