My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga Battles

My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga battles

The top ( insert number here) list have been done over and over but I figure why not give it a try myself. This list is MY personal opinion on what makes a battle good and generally enjoyable. Obviously, not all battle’s are created equally. Even though this list is about my general enjoyment I did discovered some specific criteria that I did have.


Art and Animation is not the most important part of a battle but it has a impact . It helps that a battle has good visuals. Clearly, its a preference of mine and may only be limited to me. Depending on the type of story (Fantasy, Mecha) or the level of realness can be more effective if the animation is of good quality.

Character Skill Balance/ Unbalance

Like any good “competition” the distance between combatants can determine the enjoyment of battles. If both opponents are “evenly matched” the fight is generally more interesting. This off course isn’t written in stone. Some battles feature an unmatched battle resulting in a quick defeat or an uphill battle.

It can be enjoyable to see a character fight hard for friends, family, country, the world, etc . . . even if they know (an we the viewer know) that it’s futile to try. There are so common troupes in anime when a character is clear weaker then all of a sudden they get a “power up” or a new technique we have never heard of. This can ruin a fight even if you expect the main protagonist to win some how.


Each anime and manga series has there own signature style when it comes to battle. Naruto for example has jutsu, Bleach has bankai, and Pokemon has Pokemon that have various attacks but are controlled by a trainer. There are usually limitations that are common like the use of elements (earth, fire, water, wind), with each element triumphing over another. Strategy or lack thereof can determine the style of battle, but whether you enjoy them or not is up to your personal taste.

Let’s Start with honorable mention’s (fight’s that didn’t make the cut):

HM # 1 – Spriggan (Yu vs Fatman)

HM#2 – Digimon Movie 1 (Greymon vs Birdmon)

HM#3 – Tein vs Imperfect Cell

HM#4 – Hinata vs Pain

HM#5 – Konohamaru vs Temari

HM#6 – Mugen and Yatsuha vs Tengu Crew

HM#7 – Luffy vs Magellan

HM#8 – Kill La Kill (Mako vs Ryuko)

HM#9 – Komamura vs Bambietta

HM#10 – (Bleach filler) episode 327

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