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Top 20 Anime from the 2010’s (Part 2)

15. Goblin Slayer (2018)

Studio: White Fox | MAL: 7.60 | Genre: Dark Fantasy

On the surface it is a standard fantasy series,with mages, elves, goblins and guilds. In reality the world of Goblin Slayer is brutal. Adventurers come from all over the world to join the Guild, competing for contracts. Based on the light novel series from Kumo Kagyu, Goblin Slayer, follows a 15 year old Priestess. On her first day as a Porcelian-ranked adventurer, she joins a group of inexperienced adventurer. Their first mission is a disaster. Their ambushed by goblins in a cave, with many of the members killed and the females raped. The Priestess is rescued by the Silver-ranked Goblin Slayer, who’s obsessed with killing goblins. Known for their smarts and rapid reproduction, goblins are still considered the lowest level of monster. Goblin Slayer hopes to prove why thinking that is a mistake.

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14. Banana Fish (2018)

Studio: MAPPA | MAL: 8.32 | Genre: Shoujo

Aslan Jade Callenreese better known as Ash Lynx, was a street kid that was raised by mafia don, Dino Golzine. The story of Banana Fish picks up when Ash is 17 years old. He forms his own gang and aims to discover the secret of a mysterious drug, “Banana Fish.” However, Dino interferes, sending his men to retrieve the drug from Ash. He’s introduced to Shunichi Ibe and Eiji Okumura as they photograph American street gangs. While at a bar they’re kidnapped by Dino’s men. Now, Ash is tasked with rescuing them, while discovering the secret behind Banana Fish. The series is highly regarded, featuring a complicated plot, sophisticated dialogue and action sequences. Banana Fish is also known for it’s depiction of a gay relationship between Ash and Eiji.

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13. Parasyte: The Maxim

Studio: Madhouse | MAL: 8.47 | Genre: Sci-Fi

Parasyte: The Maxim (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) focuses on high school student Shinichi Izumi. His right hand is replaced by an alien Parasite named Migi. Generally, these Parasites consume the head of the human taking over the entire body. Shinichi and Migi are forced to work together to survive as other Parasite’s arrive on Earth aiming to kill them. I think this series started of better than it ended and by the end I was glad it was over. However, the themes on what makes someone a human being, dealing with death and the hypocrisies that humanity possess. Parasyte: The Maxim is a well animated series with complex theme, get action and body horror.

12. Little Witch Academia (2013)

Studio: Trigger | MAL: 8.03 | Genre: Magic, Fantasy

Little Witch Academia doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but remains compelling regardless. Akko Kagari dreams of becoming a witch. Inspired by her childhood idol, Shiny Chariot, she enrolls in Luna Nova Magical Academy. Clumsy and hyper, Akko and her friends, Sucy and Lotte get into hi-jinks. Little Witch Academia begins with a light hearted tone but pivots to darker themes. Akko is the heart of the series, you end up sharing her enthusiasm for magic. Anyone familiar with the Harry Potter series will see parallels between the two. The characters in Little Witch Academia are variety, likable but predictable. As expected of Studio Trigger, the animation is fluid and consistent. Overall, Little Witch Academia is a well done series, even if it’s not groundbreaking.

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11. Dr. Stone (2019)

Studio: TMS Entertainment | MAL: 8.49 | Genre: Sci-Fi

If there’s a series that will make wish you paid attention in science class, Dr. Stone is it. While it certainly takes liberties with science, Dr. Stone manages to make the subject engaging none the less. The series focuses primarily on the genius Senku. After several millennia, Senku frees his classmate, Taiju. The modern world is completely non-existent and nature has flourished. Taiju learns that Senku plans to return humanity to it’s original glory. With Taiju’s brawn and Senku’s brains will they be successful? Senku’s ideologies are challenged by the powerful Tsukasa. The story takes an unexpected turn when we learn that Senku’s father is an ancestor of a village that formed after they world was stoned.

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Goblin Slayer Episode 12 Review – The Fate of an Adventurer

Goblin Slayer & Priestess vs Goblin Lord

One thing we’ve learned i this series is that the Goblin Slayer is best equipped to fight from a distance using his intellect and strategy. Close hand to hand combat isn’t really his thing. As the other characters thoroughly defeat the horde without too many causalities. The Goblin Lord is too strong for him. He breaks GS’s sword and leaves a massive gash in his arm. As GS crawls on the floor the Goblin Lord begins stomping on his head. As the Goblin Lord prepares to finish GS off the priestess arrives and traps the Goblin Lord between to of her protective spells.

This marks a turning point in the Priestess. While she has always maintained her upbeat personality, turning her defensive spells into offensive was symbolic and effective. However, what convinced me of her change was her reaction to the Goblin Lord pleading for his life. The Priestesses personality would suggest that she would fall for this. However, even with his crocodile tears it has no effect. The Goblin Slayer then slits his throat. I turns out this was all part of GS’s plan. The series began with the Priestess being a novice that you weren’t sure wouldn’t survive this world without the Goblin Slayers help. Turns out she became one of the more useful characters and the Goblin Slayer might not have survived without her.

Goblin Slayer the adventurer

GS reveals that nobody came when there was a post for goblin attacking his village and he felt that he was on his own. Feeling more accepted at the guild he finally entertains the idea of becoming an adventurer. Priestess asks the Goblin Slayer to remove his helmet as a reward, the entire guild takes notice. We are not show his whole face, but its implied that he’s handsome.

For a series that started will an episode that many found horrific, it ended it’s first season with a very hopeful note. Despite the characters not having real names, they ended up still being full developed characters (especially Goblin Slayer and Priestess). I’m satisfied with the lovely ending. However, I fully expect that the first episode of the next season will change that.


Goblin Slayer Episode 11 Review – A Gathering of Adventurers

Teary eyed Cow Girl

The King of Goblins

The Goblin Slayer Episode 11, A gathering of Adventurers begin with GS telling Cow Girl that she needs to run. Coming from him this is alarming. He goes on to state that he cannot defeat the goblins. If the number of footprints are any indication, he alone will not be enough. It makes since that the big final villain is a massive goblin horde and the king of goblins, the Goblin Lord. The horde according to the GS probably seeks Cow Girls land as a stronghold, as she assumes the worsts. The potential battle marks a difference for GS. Defeating goblins in close, closed quarters is possible. Doing so in an open field would require strength the GS doesn’t have.

The Witch and Dwarf puts goblins to sleep

Cow Girl makes a bad choice, GS makes a good one

Cow Girl is an idiot. Staying to “protect” her home when she can’t even fight is the height of stupidity. Or is it that she loves GS and can’t bare to be safe while he battles the horde? Considering that more than death would await her, such a decision makes no since. Also, what about her uncle? GS heads to the guild where he does something he’s never done, asks for help. He explains the situation to the guild, unsurprisingly many are dismissive. Spearman even demands that he make a formal request, with a reward. GS isn’t troubled however. Being the true hero of this series (despite what he thinks of himself) he offer them EVERYTHING he owns.

Goblins getting slaughtered

The Adventurers Gather

The Spearman joins as he demands a beer, High Elf Archer joins next, followed then by Dwarf Shaman, Lizard Priest and the Witch. Guild Girl seeing the unwillingness of many of the adventurers to join, pulls some strings getting any adventurer a gold coin for every they slay. The rest of the guild soon join. Many pretend that they “only” will do so for the bounty, but it’s clear that GS has had personal effects on them. Of course the Priestess is on board.

Lizard Priest decapitating goblins

The Battle begins

The goblins arrive with shields featuring abused women attached to them. The GS shows his strategic skills once again. He has predicted the Goblin Lords plans almost too perfectly. The adventurers quickly dominate the smaller goblins. The Goblin Lord becomes enraged and orders the hobgoblins to attack, along with two goblin champions. The veterans handle them, while the GS takes on the fleeing Goblin Lord. So far the battle is clearly in the adventurers hands. Is it likely that a series known for its harsh reality will allow most of the most noted characters survive? I don’t trust it, but we will see. The potential one on one battle between GS and Goblin Lord could be an epic.

Goblin Slayer ready for the kill

Goblin Slayer Episode 10 Review – Dozing

Remembering the Past

Goblin Slayer remembers his dreams of becoming a hero. He wished to become a hero powerful enough to “defeat dragons,” and become a “platinum-ranked adventurer.” We see flashbacks of the battle between the Heroine and the Demon Lord. He awakens in a carriage with the other adventurers. He remembers having an argument with his sister and how is sister cooked for him. 

Downtime in town

As is typical of Goblin Slayer this episode is largely about the time in-between battles. While, there is no goblin quest to be had there are plenty of the Demon Lord army remaining to be killed. Obviously, GS doesn’t care about non goblin quests. He goes to get his newly repaired gear and is told that there’s no magic scrolls left. Heavy Warrior and Female Knight are training rookies. The Priestess greets GS. They share a meal with the other members of the group. 

The Sword Maiden’s Letter

The Sword Maiden writes GS to say that she is grateful. She thanks GS and his comrades for “freeing” her mind from constantly thinking of goblins. The Demon Lord is defeated, but his army is still a treat. While reading the letter, GS completes chores ending when he finds a large amount of goblin footprints. This episode was largely useless. However, I do find it interesting that the big bad (Demon Lord) wasn’t defeated by the main characters. They will likely face a major monsters later but it does deviate from what we expect from series. 


Goblin Slayer Episode 08 – Whispers and Prayers and Chants

Goblin Slayers abusive Master

This episode begins with a flashback of Goblin Slayers childhood. His master taunt’s him for his inability to save his sister. The master uses abuse both physical and mental in order to instill some toughness into GS. Clearly this worked as GS is now a goblin killing badass. He says that the ” moment you make the decision to do something and act on it, you win.” The master begins quizzing GS with puzzles. The final question he asks Goblin Slayer is “what’s in his pocket.” I don’t know if it’s my expectation from this series or not, but the face he had suggested that the question was sexual in nature. If the relationship between was sexually abusive we’ll fine out sooner or later.

Sexual healing ? 

In the present Goblin Slayer awakens. We see his toned, scared body and his head sans helmet. His face however remains hidden. Next to the GS is the priestess, naked. This is suppose to be “the miracle of Resurrection” which is achieved by “sharing a bed with a virgin.” It’s a interesting manner of healing I guess. Especially, because it requires no sex, hence the virginity requirement. It’s made clear that the Sword Maiden was raped by goblins, she makes a claim that doesn’t make since. She says that “women are weak creatures,” but she’s “the woman who defeated the Demon Lord.” She does see the contradiction. Regardless, she is clearly throwing herself at Goblin Slayer but he doesn’t seem to notice or care. 

Some down time

After battle Goblin Slayer often has an episode of downtime. This time is no different. The Goblin Slayer and the Priestess head to a blacksmith to get their equipment repaired. She refuses to get new chain-mail because the Goblin Slayer complimented her on it previously. Of course GS does bother getting any new armor, but does seem willing to get new weapons.  They have ice cream, while the sun sets. They are interrupted by Witch and Spearman, that deliver some “very” fine flour, that GS says will help him against the “goblins.”

Explosive battle against a giant eye

This battle isn’t as high stakes as the previous ones, but does illuminate on aspect of GS that often is subtle. He is a fierce warrior and a master tactician. The main issue with the giant eye is that it’s capable of “disintegrate and dispel.” Spells aren’t effective, fighting head to head isn’t a good strategy either. The high elf archer distracts the eye, as the Dwarf Shaman cast a spell to put it asleep. While, it’s sleeping the GS releases the flour into the air, then the Lizard Priest summons his dragontooth warrior. Then the Elf shoots the eye with an arrow, while the Priestess uses protection to trap it. When the eye sees the dragontooth it fires it’s beam causing a massive explosion killing itself. GS explains his strategy as we see a strange magic mirror remains. 


Goblin Slayer Episode 07 Review – Onward Unto Death

After the events of the previous episode, Goblin Slayer (GS) and the rest of the party prepare to return to the sewers. GS makes note of the lack of “rat slaying quests.” He purchases a canary, as a precaution against poison. Canaries are good detectors of poison and with act as a warning if any poison is detected. He explains that the goblins have been educated, most likely by learned from miners. The plan is to avoid the goblins and focus on their leaders, then kill the rest. 

The party enter a room and are quickly trapped inside by the goblins. The canary begins to panic as they pump poison into the room. The Goblin Slayer quickly orders the party to wrap cloth an d charcoal around their mouths. Using concert and a spell they seal the vents, preventing more poison from entering. Finally, they move a stone coffin in from of the door to prevent Goblins from entering. The Lizard summons his dragontooth warrior, while the Priestess uses her protection spell. 

As the goblin horde break through the door, it is revealed that they’re accompanied by a “goblin champion.” As the goblins advance they slam into the protection force field, breaking their noses as they do. The party are able to take advantage as they shoot arrows and throw rocks at them. The GS steps out of the protection field killing goblins as he keeps count. He reaches seventeen before attacking the goblin champion. However, the goblin champion uses another goblin as a shield and delivers a massive blow to GS. Sending him flying and leaving him spitting up blood.  

The Priestess losses her concentration and the protection spell dissipates. The goblins begin to overwhelm the party. The goblin champion sets his sights on the Priestess and grabs her before taking a bit of her shoulder. As she screams, GS has a flashback of his childhood. He gets up and begins straggling the goblin champion with human hair. The Lizard heals the Priestess, as the goblin slayer crushes the eye of the goblin champion. The rest of the goblins flee in fear, the GS collapses beside an apologetic Priestess. 

I feel it’s completely unnecessary to pretend that the Goblin Slayer is in danger of dying. The Priestess’s sensitivity keeps the series from becoming too dark, but it also is can cost the party as it did in this battle. The shield she created with her protection spell was very effective during this battle. However, she quickly let’s it drop when GS get’s hurt. She leaves herself and the others in more danger because of it. The Goblin Slayer also shows that his personality has it’s faults and benefits. His single tracked mind allows him to use his logic before battle keeping the party alive and gaining an advantage against the enemies. However, the cost is needlessly risking his life.

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Goblin Slayer Episode 05 Review – Adventures and Daily Life

After the more harrowing previous episode, Goblin Slayer takes a step back from the danger of adventure. Goblin Slayer took 3 days to recover from the previous battle. He helps Cow Girl carry supplies to town, while there he meets the elf archer, dwarf shaman and the priest lizard again. They hint that they might want to team up with him again. The Priestess informs him that she has be promoted to the next adventurer rank. 

This episode takes an unusually turn, it focuses on two new characters as they go on an adventure. They are both rather generic. The mission they embark on requires them to kill giant rats. The male member of the duo kills the rat, but gets his sword stuck in the corpse. He and his partner flees when giant cockroaches come to eat the dead rats.  The whole thing was kinda gross, but I hate rats and roaches. Regardless, the male member is now without a sword. He can’t afford to bu a new one and literally needs to convince someone to give him their spare one.

The whole situation tells us that everything in this world has a cost. The Goblin Slayer gets even more characterization. He is surprisingly approachable and is willing to help his fellow adventurer. If Goblin Slayer is going to focus on other characters, even small ones that will be somewhat revolutionary for a series. So far Goblin Slayer is doing well playing with our expectations, hoping it will keep doing so. 


Goblin Slayer Episode 4 Review: The Strong

The party ventures forward into the goblin lair. The Goblin Slayer notices that there aren’t any totems. This signifies that there are no goblin shamans present. However, GS is concerned by this fact. He states that the goblins are generally too stupid to set traps, and they should be concerned that they are being lead by someone. The dwarf realizes the track patterns of the goblins, concluding that they are too the left.

However, GS tells them to “go right.” They arrive in an apparent pungent room filled with goblin feces and a female elf sex slave. While, chained up to a wall she implores GS to kill. The priestess assumes that she means to kill her, even though she can be healed. However, the elf really meant that he should kill “all the goblins.” Clearly, the Goblin Slayer is fine with doing that. The Lizard uses his magic to create a dragontooth warrior.

Dragontooth warrior’s are a dragon like skeleton summon. It takes the elf to the elves forest with a letter from the Priestess explaining what happened. GS reveals that he found a map of the dungeon. They arrive to see that there’s a large number of goblins. The GS comes up with a plan that puts them all asleep, then they kill the goblins without much effort. The elf seems to be taking all the killing to heart. 

After killing the goblins, they encounter an ogre. Goblin Slayer has no idea what a ogre is, who takes it personally. The ogre attacks with a massive fireball, the Priestess blocks it with her protection spell. She ends up having to use two of them in a row. The Lizard creates another dragontooth and the dwarf uses his stone magic, while the elf shoots him with arrows. The ogre not only has magic, it has strength and can heal itself. 

The party distracts the ogre, as the Priestess heals the Goblin Slayer. He then gets up and heads towards the ogre. Surprisingly, GS uses magic to kill the ogre. Using a warp gate scroll he linked to the “bottom of the sea,” resulting in the ogre being sliced into pieces. GS ends the ogre and they are taken home by the elves. This was a satisfying episode. I think that both GS and the Priestess have grown or at least it feels like they have.

The Priestess still has he sweet smile but has learn from GS, and accepted what is needed to exists in this world. She was helpful in her role during the adventure and while she’s not a warrior she can still fight and is willing to. The magic system in this series has been interesting. The numerical limit was revealed in the first episode, as was the long winded nature of the incantation. So far having to recite a sentence has costed anyone but it likely will. Finally, we see two new forms of magic, scrolls and summons. 

Anyone that has played RPG’s should find this series familiar. The creating of a party, the various “jobs,” like ranger, campfires, going on quests, all are hallmarks of RPG games. The many limits placed on the characters leaves a permanent feeling of danger. I think that this is what makes Goblin Slayer an intriguing series. I wonder if we’ll get to see GS’s face.

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Goblin Slayer Episode 2 and 3 Review

Goblin Slayer’s childhood friend

This episode slows down compared to the previously shocking episode, we get some more background on the Goblin Slayer. The episode opens with a young girl excited to go to the city. However, her childhood friend becomes upset at this thought. She awakens, and we see that she is grown. She opens the window and she sees the Goblin Slayer “scouting for tracks.”

The Goblin Slayer (GS) is obsessive in his behavior, always looking for evidence of a goblin attack. GS is looked down on by other adventurers for his “dirty armor,” as well as focusing on killing only “weak” monsters like the goblins. The Goblin Slayer along with the Priestess take another goblin quest. The Priestess asks why GS feels the need to kill goblins with so much cruelty. He reveals that he was a witness to “his older sister getting tortured, raped and killed by goblins.” After this he became bent on creating a genocide of goblins. 

If this series is able to manage some of it’s most shocking elements with more in depth world building, the impact of the shock would be amenable. I was predictable that the Goblin Slayer’s hatred of goblins was due to a personal tragedy. So far the goblins haven’t been showed to be a more complicated species, seemingly only caring about rape and murder. I could due without the fan service in the form of the female large breast.

In episode 3 we are introduced to new characters, an elf, a dwarf, and a lizard-man. They’re in search of a man named, “Orcbolg.” It turns out that “Orcbolg,” is actually the Goblin Slayer. They ask for a meeting with him and he agrees. While waiting for the Goblin Slayer to return, the Priestess is approached by a voluptuous sorceress. She warns the Priestess of the GS and believes that the Priestess could do more good for the World doing something else. 

During the meeting, the Goblin Slayer is informed that the “Demon King 
has been resurrected, and hordes of demons are preparing to attack civilization at any time.” GS is disinterested until he hears that they intent to take out a large goblin nest. The majority of the rest of the episode takes around a campfire.

The group explain their reasons for becoming adventurers, the GS shares his theory regarding where goblins come from. He believes that “they originate from the green moon that they see in the sky.” I wonder what the Goblins Slayer feels toward the Priestess, she’s still a novice and seems to care too much about other people. Will she “heal” his emotional scars? Or will she become more hardened like him? At this point we haven’t seen nearly the level of mature content as the first episode, which makes me wonder what the next one will entail. 


Goblin Slayer Episode 1 Review: The Fate of Particular Adventurers

The rookies adventurers

Goblin Slayer is a 12 episode anime series based on the “a Japanese dark fantasy light novel series written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki.” It was also adapted to a manga series of the same name by Kosuke Kurose. To say this series is a “dark” fantasy is an understatement. The horrifying elements of this series (mainly the Goblin rape) but also the bloody violence can certainly be off putting. 

We are first introduced to a young priestess as she signs up for adventures. We quickly learn that there are ten ranks of adventurers, that ends with the rank of platinum. Her rank starts at porcelain and is given a tag that can double as a identity tag. She is quickly invited to join a group of rookie adventurers. The quest is to slay some goblins. Without any preparation they head off . 

nameless swordsmen

After they enter the cave their collective inexperience leads to disaster. Our priestess is practically scared of her own shadow. Making matters even worst she and the mage get separated from the rest of the group. I will  admit that I found her helplessness to be irritating. However, considering her age and life experience this reaction was the most realistic. The mage is stabbed in the stomach by a goblin as the swordsmen arrives. 

He was quickly overwhelmed and brutally stabbed to death by a horde of goblins. The monk is next, she fare far worst. She faces off against a large hobgoblin and is quickly subdued before being sexually assaulted by one of the smaller goblins. The priestess flees with the mage. They’re quickly caught by some goblins, who prepare to rape the mage. However, the iron clad “Goblin Slayer (GS)” arrives as he keeps count of his kills. 

The priestess

The goblin slayer informs the priestess that the mage was poisoned and he death is guaranteed. A dying naked mage asks to be put out of her misery, the goblin slayer obliges. The priestess and the goblin slayer team up with our priestess revealing that she can only use “holy light,” and “heal” three times. GS explains how the goblins got the drop on them. He the proceeds to systematic slaughter them including the children, killing 22 goblin in all.

This episode was a . . . well effective. This world is unforgiving. The initial presentation of the series reminded me of many RPG anime. I kept hoping that when they were killed that they simply left the game. This series is certainly difficult to watch at times, yet I find myself wanting to watch the next episode.

Rescued young woman

I was quickly reminded of Game of Thrones, mainly due to the violence, rape and dark tone. What is noticeable is that none of the characters so far have names. Is this so that we don’t become to attach, see ourselves in these characters? Maybe their names will be revealed later as we go further in the series. The animation wasn’t spectacular but I find that it was good enough. I’m into this series, hopefully every episode doesn’t involve rape. It can be too much to handle for some, but I might like it. 

The Priestess and Goblin Slayer partner again