Goblin Slayer Episode 11 Review – A Gathering of Adventurers

Teary eyed Cow Girl

The King of Goblins

The Goblin Slayer Episode 11, A gathering of Adventurers begin with GS telling Cow Girl that she needs to run. Coming from him this is alarming. He goes on to state that he cannot defeat the goblins. If the number of footprints are any indication, he alone will not be enough. It makes since that the big final villain is a massive goblin horde and the king of goblins, the Goblin Lord. The horde according to the GS probably seeks Cow Girls land as a stronghold, as she assumes the worsts. The potential battle marks a difference for GS. Defeating goblins in close, closed quarters is possible. Doing so in an open field would require strength the GS doesn’t have.

The Witch and Dwarf puts goblins to sleep

Cow Girl makes a bad choice, GS makes a good one

Cow Girl is an idiot. Staying to “protect” her home when she can’t even fight is the height of stupidity. Or is it that she loves GS and can’t bare to be safe while he battles the horde? Considering that more than death would await her, such a decision makes no since. Also, what about her uncle? GS heads to the guild where he does something he’s never done, asks for help. He explains the situation to the guild, unsurprisingly many are dismissive. Spearman even demands that he make a formal request, with a reward. GS isn’t troubled however. Being the true hero of this series (despite what he thinks of himself) he offer them EVERYTHING he owns.

Goblins getting slaughtered

The Adventurers Gather

The Spearman joins as he demands a beer, High Elf Archer joins next, followed then by Dwarf Shaman, Lizard Priest and the Witch. Guild Girl seeing the unwillingness of many of the adventurers to join, pulls some strings getting any adventurer a gold coin for every they slay. The rest of the guild soon join. Many pretend that they “only” will do so for the bounty, but it’s clear that GS has had personal effects on them. Of course the Priestess is on board.

Lizard Priest decapitating goblins

The Battle begins

The goblins arrive with shields featuring abused women attached to them. The GS shows his strategic skills once again. He has predicted the Goblin Lords plans almost too perfectly. The adventurers quickly dominate the smaller goblins. The Goblin Lord becomes enraged and orders the hobgoblins to attack, along with two goblin champions. The veterans handle them, while the GS takes on the fleeing Goblin Lord. So far the battle is clearly in the adventurers hands. Is it likely that a series known for its harsh reality will allow most of the most noted characters survive? I don’t trust it, but we will see. The potential one on one battle between GS and Goblin Lord could be an epic.

Goblin Slayer ready for the kill

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  1. It is surprisingly common for ordinary people to dismiss the actual danger of invasion until it is underway, and then panic. Nor does history show this to be relegated to society or culture–people who are not part of the fight usually have no real or meaningful way to gauge the severity of what is approaching until they are swept up in it. It is one of the great mysteries and paradoxes of war. . .

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