Goblin Slayer Episode 4 Review: The Strong

The party ventures forward into the goblin lair. The Goblin Slayer notices that there aren’t any totems. This signifies that there are no goblin shamans present. However, GS is concerned by this fact. He states that the goblins are generally too stupid to set traps, and they should be concerned that they are being lead by someone. The dwarf realizes the track patterns of the goblins, concluding that they are too the left.

However, GS tells them to “go right.” They arrive in an apparent pungent room filled with goblin feces and a female elf sex slave. While, chained up to a wall she implores GS to kill. The priestess assumes that she means to kill her, even though she can be healed. However, the elf really meant that he should kill “all the goblins.” Clearly, the Goblin Slayer is fine with doing that. The Lizard uses his magic to create a dragontooth warrior.

Dragontooth warrior’s are a dragon like skeleton summon. It takes the elf to the elves forest with a letter from the Priestess explaining what happened. GS reveals that he found a map of the dungeon. They arrive to see that there’s a large number of goblins. The GS comes up with a plan that puts them all asleep, then they kill the goblins without much effort. The elf seems to be taking all the killing to heart. 

After killing the goblins, they encounter an ogre. Goblin Slayer has no idea what a ogre is, who takes it personally. The ogre attacks with a massive fireball, the Priestess blocks it with her protection spell. She ends up having to use two of them in a row. The Lizard creates another dragontooth and the dwarf uses his stone magic, while the elf shoots him with arrows. The ogre not only has magic, it has strength and can heal itself. 

The party distracts the ogre, as the Priestess heals the Goblin Slayer. He then gets up and heads towards the ogre. Surprisingly, GS uses magic to kill the ogre. Using a warp gate scroll he linked to the “bottom of the sea,” resulting in the ogre being sliced into pieces. GS ends the ogre and they are taken home by the elves. This was a satisfying episode. I think that both GS and the Priestess have grown or at least it feels like they have.

The Priestess still has he sweet smile but has learn from GS, and accepted what is needed to exists in this world. She was helpful in her role during the adventure and while she’s not a warrior she can still fight and is willing to. The magic system in this series has been interesting. The numerical limit was revealed in the first episode, as was the long winded nature of the incantation. So far having to recite a sentence has costed anyone but it likely will. Finally, we see two new forms of magic, scrolls and summons. 

Anyone that has played RPG’s should find this series familiar. The creating of a party, the various “jobs,” like ranger, campfires, going on quests, all are hallmarks of RPG games. The many limits placed on the characters leaves a permanent feeling of danger. I think that this is what makes Goblin Slayer an intriguing series. I wonder if we’ll get to see GS’s face.

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