Goblin Slayer Episode 12 Review – The Fate of an Adventurer

Goblin Slayer & Priestess vs Goblin Lord

One thing we’ve learned i this series is that the Goblin Slayer is best equipped to fight from a distance using his intellect and strategy. Close hand to hand combat isn’t really his thing. As the other characters thoroughly defeat the horde without too many causalities. The Goblin Lord is too strong for him. He breaks GS’s sword and leaves a massive gash in his arm. As GS crawls on the floor the Goblin Lord begins stomping on his head. As the Goblin Lord prepares to finish GS off the priestess arrives and traps the Goblin Lord between to of her protective spells.

This marks a turning point in the Priestess. While she has always maintained her upbeat personality, turning her defensive spells into offensive was symbolic and effective. However, what convinced me of her change was her reaction to the Goblin Lord pleading for his life. The Priestesses personality would suggest that she would fall for this. However, even with his crocodile tears it has no effect. The Goblin Slayer then slits his throat. I turns out this was all part of GS’s plan. The series began with the Priestess being a novice that you weren’t sure wouldn’t survive this world without the Goblin Slayers help. Turns out she became one of the more useful characters and the Goblin Slayer might not have survived without her.

Goblin Slayer the adventurer

GS reveals that nobody came when there was a post for goblin attacking his village and he felt that he was on his own. Feeling more accepted at the guild he finally entertains the idea of becoming an adventurer. Priestess asks the Goblin Slayer to remove his helmet as a reward, the entire guild takes notice. We are not show his whole face, but its implied that he’s handsome.

For a series that started will an episode that many found horrific, it ended it’s first season with a very hopeful note. Despite the characters not having real names, they ended up still being full developed characters (especially Goblin Slayer and Priestess). I’m satisfied with the lovely ending. However, I fully expect that the first episode of the next season will change that.

5 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episode 12 Review – The Fate of an Adventurer

    1. I wonder how the goblins will factor in the next season. This season established that they are a real threat that shouldn’t be ignored. If the Goblin Slayer becomes an adventurer will anyone fight the goblins in his place.

  1. I agree with you about the Priestess’ character development; as I’ve pointed out, she has pretty much bought into Goblin Slayer’s mindset, something that benefits them both.

    1. She has managed to take on his some of his mindset, but I think she has had a similar effect on the Goblin Slayers. He has opened up more. I think they make a good team.

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