One Punch Man season 2 to premier in April 2019

One Punch Man is an anime and manga series created by an artist and writer that goes by the name ONE. It focuses on the world strongest hero, Saitama. He’s basically invincible and can defeat his opponents with just one punch. One Punch Man does a magnificent thing, while being a parody of the shonen genre it manages to also be a great shonen series itself.

The first season of One Punch Man premiered in 2015, was well received and a massive success. It’s has been considered to be one of the best anime series ever. Viz Media is the publisher of the series in English and covers digital streaming, TV broadcast, media and merchandising. Viz Media announced that One Punch Man will return in April. There’s currently no information on which streaming platforms the season will be available on.

The production of the second season was delayed for reasons unknown. Madhouse stopped working on the series, resulting in J.C. Staff (Food Wars!, Toradora) handling the series. One Punch Man will be directed by Chikara Sakurai, who has worked on many Naruto: Shippuuden movies. The trailer doesn’t show much from the upcoming season but does introduce some of the new characters.

4 thoughts on “One Punch Man season 2 to premier in April 2019

  1. Yeah, I can’t wait for this one! I’ve watched the PV a bunch of times in anticipation. While I don’t think the animation will be quite as dynamic as the first, I think Madhouse is going to do a terrific job either way and I’m expecting an easy 9/10 season minimum

    1. I hate that some of these series take so long to animate. However, if you want the high quality animation guess you have to wait. Hopefully, the animation will still be fluid.

      1. True, you can’t rush quality. I would have been fine with waiting another year or so if it meant we could have gotten the first group of animators

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