Goblin Slayer Episode 08 – Whispers and Prayers and Chants

Goblin Slayers abusive Master

This episode begins with a flashback of Goblin Slayers childhood. His master taunt’s him for his inability to save his sister. The master uses abuse both physical and mental in order to instill some toughness into GS. Clearly this worked as GS is now a goblin killing badass. He says that the ” moment you make the decision to do something and act on it, you win.” The master begins quizzing GS with puzzles. The final question he asks Goblin Slayer is “what’s in his pocket.” I don’t know if it’s my expectation from this series or not, but the face he had suggested that the question was sexual in nature. If the relationship between was sexually abusive we’ll fine out sooner or later.

Sexual healing ? 

In the present Goblin Slayer awakens. We see his toned, scared body and his head sans helmet. His face however remains hidden. Next to the GS is the priestess, naked. This is suppose to be “the miracle of Resurrection” which is achieved by “sharing a bed with a virgin.” It’s a interesting manner of healing I guess. Especially, because it requires no sex, hence the virginity requirement. It’s made clear that the Sword Maiden was raped by goblins, she makes a claim that doesn’t make since. She says that “women are weak creatures,” but she’s “the woman who defeated the Demon Lord.” She does see the contradiction. Regardless, she is clearly throwing herself at Goblin Slayer but he doesn’t seem to notice or care. 

Some down time

After battle Goblin Slayer often has an episode of downtime. This time is no different. The Goblin Slayer and the Priestess head to a blacksmith to get their equipment repaired. She refuses to get new chain-mail because the Goblin Slayer complimented her on it previously. Of course GS does bother getting any new armor, but does seem willing to get new weapons.  They have ice cream, while the sun sets. They are interrupted by Witch and Spearman, that deliver some “very” fine flour, that GS says will help him against the “goblins.”

Explosive battle against a giant eye

This battle isn’t as high stakes as the previous ones, but does illuminate on aspect of GS that often is subtle. He is a fierce warrior and a master tactician. The main issue with the giant eye is that it’s capable of “disintegrate and dispel.” Spells aren’t effective, fighting head to head isn’t a good strategy either. The high elf archer distracts the eye, as the Dwarf Shaman cast a spell to put it asleep. While, it’s sleeping the GS releases the flour into the air, then the Lizard Priest summons his dragontooth warrior. Then the Elf shoots the eye with an arrow, while the Priestess uses protection to trap it. When the eye sees the dragontooth it fires it’s beam causing a massive explosion killing itself. GS explains his strategy as we see a strange magic mirror remains. 

5 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episode 08 – Whispers and Prayers and Chants

  1. Not to lighten the mood, but I honestly thought the “what’s in my pocket” thing was a joking reference to The Hobbit. Heaven knows the GS’ master looked some little like Gollum. . .

  2. Guess he cannot bang the priestess, as resurrection is too valuable a spell to lose. Thankfully he has a harem of other beauties throwing themselves at him. Not that he will do anything with them though. He would rather spend time killing goblins.

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