Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – Episode 24: Recap and Review

Mercy: Raid on Stohess District, Part 2

Eren being epic

This episode goes into greater detail about behind the scene plan that we witnessed in the previous episode. The situation continues to escalate as Annie traps Mikasa, Armin and Eren in an underground tunnel. Eren finds himself to be incapable of transforming. This seems to be due to the fact that he has “reservations about fighting Annie” as Mikasa put it. I thought it was interesting that Misaka acknowledge the resemblance between Annie and the female titan.

Mikasa fighting the green eyed monster

Armin comes up with a plan to force Annie into a choice that would allow Eren to escape. Commander Nile Dok accuses Erwin of treason and pulls a gun on him. The recon corps along with Mikasa attempt to distract and capture Annie. Armin and Jean attempt to free Eren from the rubble but instead decided to join in the distraction of Annie. I find it odd that both Jean and Armin (especially Armin) were so willing to abandon Eren who at this point was impaled. Armin succeeded in trapping Annie with the help of recon corps. Hanji continues to add comic relief to this series and manages to never feel out of place. The traps failed and Annie continued her rampage. The best part of this episode was Eren’s transformation. The detail of Eren’s face (and the blood) was impressive.

Mikasa fighting a literal monster

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