My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 15

Note: My Hero Academia episode 14 was mostly recap so I skipped it.

Tartarus is the Special Prison for Villains, separated from civilians, the prison is located on an island and features the highest security. The prisoners are separated based on the danger of the Quirks and their crimes. Much like the prison from One Piece, Tartarus keeps the worst criminals deeper within the prison under sea level. All For One’s original body is located inside. Having gained control over Tomura’s body, All For One commands his Nomu to liberate his real body. Two brothers Briareos and Gyges are guarding the Bronze Gate, the Mainland Gate, they’re the first casualties from the break out.

All For One breaks into Tartarus

We get a brief glimpse of the views of some of the guards. One questions the humanity of Gigantomachia and calls the rest “scum.” Apparently, the prison has been accused of violating human rights. Kohei Horikoshi may be commenting on the inhumane treatment common in prisons. Outside, the prison drops the bridges into the sea, and the Nomu destroy the robots defending the prison. While flying over the ocean, Tomura and All For One come into conflict. Tomura tells All For One he “won’t become his pawn.” Tomura lands and uses his Decay Quirk, then he uses his Search Quirk to locate his original body.

A EMP attack cuts off the cameras. The riot control team appears to suppress the villains break out. Goto Imasuji using his Pump Up or Muscular, bursts through the wall. Other villains Hero Killer: Stain, Moonfish, and Kai Chisaki. All For One uses his High End Nomu’s to break out villains from several other prisons like Shian, Bagu, and Kuin. The number of prisoners that have escaped overwhelms the authorities preventing them from tracking the villains. The tides have turned in favor of villains. Dabi’s reveal has undermined the number one hero, Endeavor and the public is mad. It will be interesting to see how that changes once the villains start attacking.

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