Don’t Stop Me Now

Kill La Kill - 15 IMG 2Satsuki battles against Kaneo Takarada, she quickly dispatches the citizens of Osaka. Kaneo release his “Dotonbori Robo” mecha suit. His suit resembles a golden Crab, he defeats the jocks without difficulty. The other three of the four generals arrive and Sanageyama Uzu equips his new Goku uniform.

Kill La Kill - 15 IMG 8Uzu easily defeats Kaneo and before Satsuki can question him Ryuko arrives to retrieve the last piece of Senketsu. Satsuki and Ryuko clash, and Satsuki transforms claiming that she won’t be holding back. Ryuko is clearly at an disadvantage, but Nudest beach arrives just in time.

Kill La Kill - 15 IMG 9It is revealed that Satsuki was aware that, Mikisugi Aikurou was a member of Nudest Beach the entire time. Her true plan was to lure out Nudest Beach, the four Devas all transform into their new Goku uniforms. Ryuko and Senketsu transform without the missing glove.

Kill La Kill - 15 IMG 11Ryuko manages to get her glove back, she and Satsuki face off. The two of them have an epic battle, with the help of Senketsu Ryuko gains enough of an to force Satsuki to withdraw her forces. However, she is successful in destroying Nudest beaches base.

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