Kill La Kill – Episode 14: Ryuko aims to restore Senketsu

Episode 14 – Ride Like the Wind

In episode 14 of Kill La Kill, Ryuko wakes up in Aikuro’s hideout, he fills her in on what happened to her and Sengetsu. He hands her the scarf that she managed to hang onto and she heads out to get the rest back. Aikuro then states that he is no longer a teacher an he plans on returning back into a ” Splendid Naked Officer”. Ryuko is told that the remaining fibers of Senketsu have been distributed to many students, increasing their strength.

The students are on their Tri-City Schools Raid Trip, planning on taking over schools in the Kansai region. Armed with her Scissor Blade, Ryuko is determined to retrieve the remains of Senketsu. Jakuzure Nonon heads the “Battlefield Trip Brigade,” heading to Kyoto to take on Abekamo Academy. The school is protected by Four Guardian Students, Taro Genbu, Jiro Suzaku, Saburo Seiryu, and Shiro Byakko. Gamagoori Ira head’s to Kami-Kobe High School in Kobe. The school is modeled after a sailing ship. Kami is protected by Armed Faction Alliance Representative Kyuji Obayashi and Kenta Sakuramiya.

Sanageyama Uzu leads the trip to Naniwa Kinman High School. Located in Osaka, the school controls the surrounding city. The academy is ruled by a capitalist regime. The school even has its own currency called Takarada Bucks. They quickly defeat the other schools, even though the put up a fight. Ryuko heads to each location and manages to retrieve each piece of Senketsu with one strike. Senketsu acknowledges that she is getting stronger. However, Satsuki, has the final piece of Senketsu. Without it Ryuko cannot transform, she aims to battle Satsuki to get it back.

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