Kill La Kill – Episode 13: Satsuki Kiryuin prepares to invade Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe

Episode 13 – Crazy for You

In Kill La Kill Episode 13, “Crazy for You,” Satsuki and her team prepare a strategy to conquer the big three, on her “battlefield road trip”. She issues Goku uniforms to students based on data from Ryuko’s battles. Mako is concerned by Ryuko’s behavior, she continues to suffer from fear over loosing control over herself. A student named Shinjiro Nagita arrives to attempt to convince her to fight against Satsuki.

Ryuko at first she refuses, then she changes her mind when Senketsu encourages her. Mako Mankanshoku joins Shinjiro in distributing his newspaper. She suits up to “save” Shinjiro, but this proves to be a trap. I turns out that Shinjiro is actually Nui in disguises. Ryuko is hampered by her fear of losing control, she is defeated easily by Nui. In the process of defeat Ryuko, Nui manages to cut Senketsu into little pieces. Before she can kill Ryuko, Satsuki intervenes, taking what remains of Senketsu to use in her goal of domination.

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