Kill La Kill – Episode 12: Ryuko Matoi rages against her fathers killer

Kill La Kill – Spit Your Sadness Away

Kill La Kill Episode 12, “Spit Your Sadness Away,” marks a significant turn in the series. Ryuko Matoi has been searching for her fathers killer since the beginning of the series. She assume (and the audience) that Satsuki Kiryuin was the killer or at least knew who it was. At the end of the last episode, Nui revealed she was the murder. Ryuko was always going to lose her mind, but I didn’t predict any thing like this. Ryuko begins to attack Nui, who proceeds to tell her how she killed her father. I personally thought this was the best part of the episode. I assumed that Ryuko’s father (Isshin) was just a weak old man that got slaughtered without much resistance.

Ryuko transforms into a grotesque form.

Ryuko becomes blinded by rage

However, we learn that Isshin created the “Rending Scissors“, and he had some fighting ability. I was thoroughly impressed by Isshin fighting, even though it wasn’t enough. He attempts to use the rending scissors against Nui, but he only manages to slashed her left eye. Nui unsurprisingly get pissed after losing her eye, and brutally stabs Isshin to death. Ryuko’s blood begins to boil, resulting in Senketsu transforming into a grotesque form. Tsumugu tries to distract Nui to aid Aikuro as he try’s to use the “adhesive bullet” on Ryuko. Satsuki decides to step in and activates her Kamui. Ryuko and Satsuki engage in a brief but impressive battle. Mako makes her usual appearance at inappropriate moment’s. She literally slaps some sense into Ryuko, saving her life (even Satsuki acknowledges this).

After Ryuko recovers from battle, Satsuki reveals that “she was the one who ordered Nui to steal the sword scissors from Isshin”. She thanks Ryuko for helping her gain greater insight into Goku Uniforms, due to Ryuko’s battles with the Elite Four. She has determine to take control over the BIG three schools to the west. I like how the world of Kill La Kill has been expanded, with the introduction of the western schools. I wonder if they also have Goku uniforms, or considering the fact that Nui didn’t need one maybe the won’t either? Regardless, I’m excited about the possibilities. Are you?

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