Kill La Kill – Episode 10: Recap and Review

Kill La Kill – Episode 10


I Want to Know More About You

Ryuko and Houka

The episode started of with a flashback of Houka and how he came to meet Satsuki. During the flashback we get a interesting view of Satsuki ideals. She seems to be under the impression that she can “change the world” with Honnouji Academy High School. Houka is hyper analytical and his Goku uniform enhances this ability. His three star uniform , Probe Regalia analyzes Ryuko and her abilities.



Ryuko appears to have figured out rather quickly how to counter Houka, fight erratically. Houka, counters her counter by making himself invisible. Ryuko expands senketsu such that senketsu’s eye stretched the distance of the entire battle field. This prevented Houka from evading senketsu and his ability to gather information on Ryuko. Unable to win and unwilling to lose his data Houka forfeits, he also avoids getting his goku uniform destroyed by Ryuko.

Nonon 3 star uni

Next is Nonon who like the previous fighters is given a flash back.  In her flash back it’s revealed that she meet Satsuki when they were just children. Nonon Three-Star Goku Uniform, Symphony Regalia is aircraft “that attacks her with sound vibrations”. Nonon attempts to win by destroying the battle arena, “knocking” Ryuko out in the process. However, Ryuko transforms into Senketsu Gale, a flying evolution of Senketsu. Aikuro appears to be troubled by the quick evolution of Senketsu, he calls Tsumugu telling him that he should “assume a worst-case scenario”.

Senketsu's Gale

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