Kill La Kill – Episode 11: Nui Harime appears

Kill La Kill Episode 11 – I’m Not Your Cute Woman

Kill La Kill – Episode 11, “I’m Not Your Cute Woman,” featured a great air then land battle, but resulted in the introduction of several new characters. It was reveal at the end that Nui Harime was the murderer of Ryuko’s father.¬†Ryuko attempts to use her flight and attack Satsuki directly, but Nonon defends Satsuki. Ryuko destroys her airship with Nonon’s flute shaped missile. Nonon switches to her uniform’s second form, “Da Capo”. It utilizes music to interfere with Ryuko and Senketsu communication. After blasting Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Ryuko is incapacitated by the sonic energy.

Ryuko counters these sound waves, then reflects them back toward Nonon defeating her. Inumuta notes that Ryuko “used her Kamui to force Nonon’s sound waves to match her own.” Tsumugu arrives delivering a special bullet to Aikuro. Before Ryuko and Uzu are about to fight, a perky girl named Nui Harime appears. Uzu attacks her causing Satsuki to uncharacteristically yell at him to “fall back.” When assaulted by Uzu she blocks his attack and pulls apart Uzu’s uniform by snapping his Nexus fiber, the Life Fiber that gives it its form.

Ryuko asks Nui who she is and she reveals that she killed Ryuko’s father, she even has the other half of the scissor blade to prove it. Ryuko, unsurprisingly flies into a rage. This episode featuring the reveal of who was responsible for Ryuko father’s death, was sooner than expected. I thought they would milk it for a while longer, I’m glad they didn’t.

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