Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 04

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 04 opens with thousands of Shinigami being slaughtered in seven minutes, Akon of the 12th Division, believes that the “Gotei 13 cannot possibly win.” The initial moments of this war is just to show the power of the Wandenreich. Most of the Shinigami that are killed aren’t important and we largely don’t know or care about them. I’ve always found the gap in power between Captains and their Lieutenants to be comically large. The exceptions of course being Lieutenants like Renji or Rukia who had Captain level abilities. 

I was reminded that some of the names of the Wandenreich are uninspired, like NaNaNa Najahkoop and Bazz-B. Anyway after the weak Shinigami are killed the Wandenreich pair off with Captains. The previous mentioned NaNaNa faces off against Captain Rojuro Otoribashi, As Nodt and Mask De Masculine fights Renji and Byakuya Kuchiki, Bambietta Basterbine encounters Captain Sajin Komamura, Sui-Feng confronts BG9, and Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya meets Cang Du. 

Bankai’s lost

Byakuya, who’s always serious and ready to fight at the highest level, tells Renji that “there is no reason for Renji to hold back because the Wandenreich wishes to destroy the Seireitei, which means that Renji should cut them down with everything he has got.” Renji is having difficulty penetrating Quincy’s Blut Vene but Byakuya is able to cut As Nodt’s hand. However, it’s the most damage he does as As Nodt Blut Vene becomes too strong to break through. 

At this point in the arc, the Shinigami are still under the impression that the Wandenreich’s “seals” Bankai. Unfortunately, they learn that the Bankai are stolen in the worst possible way, by having their Bankai stolen. Byakuya, Komamura, Sui-Feng, and Hitsugaya all lose their Bankai to the Wandenreich’s. Rangiku Matsumoto uses Bakudo #77 to inform the remaining Shinigami that the Quincy can steal Bankai. Desperate, Akon contacts Ichigo who’s still fighting Quilge Opie. The Quincy has failed to steal Ichigo’s Bankai and has become frustrated, 

Ichigo continues to dominate Opie until Urahara deals a death blow. Ichigo heads into the Garganta where Urahara explains that the Quincy have three major abilities: Vollstandig, Blut, and the Bankai stealing Medallions. Before he can explain further Opie attacks him from behind and traps Ichigo in Hueco Mundo. Prevent any rescue. 

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