Anime Theories (Jujutsu Kaisen): Is Kenjaku Yuji’s mother?

Many fans of Jujutsu Kaisen have notice the mystery surrounding Yuji Itadori’s parentage. Yuji was raised by his grandfather, Wasuke Itadori, who dies leaving Yuji without any parents or guardians. Early in the series we also learn that Yuji never meet his mother and can “barely remember” his father. With Yuji having no knowledge of his parents and his grandfather’s death, his parents origins and deaths are hidden from the audience. Throughout the series Gege Akutami introduces hints of Yuji’s parentage, specifically Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 143, chapter 160, Choso’s claim that Yuji is his “brother,” and Kenjaku’s abilities and motives.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 143: Did Kenjaku take over Yuji’s mother?

Chapter 143 was the moment fans learned that Kenjaku used his innate Technique: which allows him to “swap bodies” with another by implanting his brain, into take over Yuji’s father’s new partner. Jin Itadori is told by Wasuke to “give up on that woman,” or he’ll died. Frustrated he yells that he knew Jin “wanted a child” with Kaori. Does this mean she’s not Yuji’s mother? Or that Yuji’s father was so desperate he had a child with the reanimated corpse of his wife? I would speculate that Kenjaku wanted to create a vessel strong enough to host Sukuna. If Kaori died prior to having a child like Wasuke suggested then it makes sense that Kenjaku took control over her corpse at some point.

In chapter 208, page 18 Kenjaku tells Tengen that the technique “antigravity system” was “engraved” in Kaori. Knowing that Kenjaku is a long term planner he probably targeted Kaori for her ability then had Yuji. When Kaori appears in chapter 143 there one striking thing, she has the stitching associated with Kenjaku’s Innate Technique. In chapter 160 Kenjaku introduces himself to Sasaki. It’s a brief moment where Kenjaku saves her from the culling game. On page 8, Kenjaku thanks Sasaki for “getting along with his son.” If that’s not confirmation I don’t know what is. Of course, Kenjaku has a weird personality so he may not meant it literally but why say it at all?

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Choso’s dreams

Choso is one of the nine Cursed Womb: Death Paintings: half-human, half-cursed spirit. According to Choso, Noritoshi Kamo is responsible for his and his brothers existence, therefore he’s their “third” parent. Kamo apparently mixed his blood in with his already pregnant mother. In chapter 106, page 4, Choso receives a memory just before he prepares to kill Yuji. It depicts Choso at the head of a table, with Yuji, Eso, Kechizu, and the capsules containing the other Death Paintings having lunch. Yuji even calls him “Big Bro” on page 6. Choso panics and flees. Confused by it’s meaning.

In chapter 134, Choso exposes Kenjaku as Noritoshi Kamo. Kenjaku confirms that he’s had many names and Noritoshi Kamo was one of them. In the next chapter, Choso claims that he can “sense” his brothers through their “blood connection.” He concludes that Yuji must be his brother because he can “sense” him. Choso’s explanation is too simple. However, this suggests that when Kenjaku takes over a body some of his DNA must be present.

If this is true then Kenjaku would be the “father” of the Death Paintings and Yuji, not Kamo and Kaori. Or his DNA mixes with the new host. Which means Kenjaku could be the “father” if he controlled Kamo and then Kaori with his intention being creating half-curse, half-human children. But why? In chapter 203, Kenjaku claims that Yuji’s primary purpose is to be a “vessel” for Sukuna, and as long as they’re alive “the chain of curses will never end.” He also thought half-cursed spirit and half-human would be an evolution he wished for.

Kenjaku’s big plan

Kenjaku wishes to “optimize,” cursed energy, hoping to evolve humanity in such a way that a new “golden age,” of jujutsu sorcery can begin. In chapter 145, Tengen explains Kenjaku’s goals more specifically. Kenjaku wants to turn everyone in Japan into sorcerers but lacks the cursed energy to do so. Instead Kenjaku will merge humankind with Tengen, who has become “the world itself.” According to Tengen, “a human who merges with him transforms into something greater than a sorcerer . . . a new being that is both there and not there.” Tengen can only maintain his self control and form through the use of barrier techniques.

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Without such barriers there will be no boundaries between individuals causing evil to spread. Furthermore, Tengen’s evolution has caused him to become more like a cursed spirit than human so he can be controlled by Kenjaku’s cursed spirit manipulation. Tengen claims that he, “the star plasma vessel,” and “the six eyes,” are connected by fate. Kenjaku has twice been defeated by sorcerers with the six eyes. To avoid this fate in the future he killed the next six eye user, however, another six eye user will always be born. So Kenjaku focused on sealing instead of killing the six eyes, hence sealing Gojo in the Prison Realm.

Along with Toji Zenin and Geto Suguru (for his cursed manipulation) Kenjaku’s plan falls into place. Tengen claims that the culling game is “like breaking in the body prior to merging.” If they merge without a star plasma vessel then the merging would be incomplete. The culling game acts as ritual so Kenjaku can begin the merging. During the culling game Kenjaku takes over the Kamo family as it’s 25th head and convinces the American President to abduct Japanese sorcerers for research as an “energy source.”

When Kenjaku enters the Tomb of the Star Corridor, he tells Choso that “the culling game has already served its purpose.” He tells Choso that a “new form of cursed energy may be attained by raising cursed spirits to the next level.” This was the reason he sought to create half-human, half-cursed spirits like the Death Womb’s hoping they would be an evolution of curse spirits. By merging 100 million people with Tengen a massive number of cursed spirits will be created. If Kenjaku can control cursed spirits then he would have control over all of the new spirits. Regardless, he tells Choso in chapter 202 that he’s doing all of this because “it just sounds fun.” Every aspect of Kenjaku’s plan hasn’t been revealed but it’s more complicated than first introduced.


I believe Kenjaku was Yuji’s mother after she die but before he was born. He wanted to create a vessel for Sukuna and gain her cursed technique. As I mentioned, Kenjaku claims that both Yuji and Sukuna are needed to produce more cursed spirits and that’s a useful part of his larger plan. That said there’s definitely more to this story and Kenjaku’s plan. What do you think of Yuji’s parentage? Is my theory corrected? Any other theories?

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3 thoughts on “Anime Theories (Jujutsu Kaisen): Is Kenjaku Yuji’s mother?

  1. I fully believe your theory. The evidence is all there that Kenjaku is Yuji’s parent, and you’ve even answered part of why he took over Kaori’s body. That, plus Yuji’s purpose in all of this, leaves only what Kenjaku desires in this “Golden Age.” What is HE getting out of all of this? ‘Cause at the end of the day; all of this is about him and what this “New Cursed Energy” can do for him.
    I like the way that you structured this posts. My own theory posts are kind of “scattershot,” you know? But you have your stuff in segments, with links to all of your evidence. And you explained it so that those like me with trash memories when it comes to series like this understands. Very well done!!

    1. Thank you. It took some time to write it and I glad you got some use out of it. It’s good to use subheadings to keep your thoughts in check. Kenjaku is obviously up to more than he let’s on. I can’t wait to find out.

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