Top Five Anime Ass Pulls

It is common in really any created work for writers to pull something “out of thin air” when they write themselves into a corner. This is often done in ham handed ways, but sometimes it goes unnoticed. However, if you think too much about some plot points you may find that events just doesn’t make sense. Anime of course is no different than any other created work. So what are some of the biggest “Ass Pulls” in anime:

5. Yusuke becomes a half-demon

For most of Yu Yu Hakusho (about 90 episodes), Yusuke was completely human. However, when fighting against Sensui Shinobu, Yusuke is suddenly given a demon ancestor (Raizen). The transformation may have been necessary for him to win, but his demonic heritage was mentioned until then.

4. Swellow’s “Thunder Armour”

Anyone who’s played Pokemon games and watched the anime know that the type match ups don’t really matter in the series. Or at least they don’t matter that much. Ash Ketchum in particular seems to always come up “creative” ways to win battles. One such battle was during the Mossdeep Gym battle. Pikachu’s electric attack gets reflect on itself and Swellow. It then becomes a sort of “armor.” Considering that Swellow is a Flying type and is weak to electric type attacks, this shouldn’t work. Furthermore, Pikachu and Ash never discussed the plan. Therefore, Pikachu would have to have assumed Ash’s plan. It’s all so implausible.

Blackbeard Using Both Devil Fruits
Blackbeard Using Both Devil Fruits

3. Blackbeard has two devil fruits

In One Piece the use of devil fruits comes with several limitations. Devil Fruit powers aren’t suppose to get stronger or change. Devil users can’t swim. Finally, Devil Fruit users can ONLY have one devil fruit ability. Of course when Blackbeard “steals” Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi this rule is broken. It is known that Blackbeard has stolen devil fruits from others, given them to his crewmates. It remains unclear exactly how or why he can have two devil fruit abilities, but it is suggested that his original devil fruit ability is responsible.

2. Ulquiorra’s Resurreccion: Segunda Etapa

Bleach has a lot of ass pulls thorough out the series. One of the most notable is the ability of Ulquiorra to transform into a second Resurreccion. This is suppose to be against the rules that govern Arrancar. It’s never explain exactly why he has a second transformation, but he’s seems to be the only Espada that can do it. Of course in another ass pull, Ichigo is able to get stronger so he can defeat the second transformation.

1. Rock Lee should have beaten Gaara

Like Bleach, Naruto is full of plot holes and ass pulls. Called Plot no Jutsu by fans, Naruto has seen many characters escape or solve problems out of no where. While Sasuke surviving his fight with Deidara is probably more ridiculous, I always though what occurred between Gaara and Rock Lee made no sense. During the fight, Gaara manages to escape the damage from Lee’s Initial Lotus by using sand clone while burying himself in the ground. The problem is that he was, 1. in mid-air at the time, 2. getting hit by Rock Lee at the time and 3. apparently was able to accomplish this in the time it took Rock Lee to wince.

So that’s my list for 5 of the biggest ass pulls in anime. What are yours?

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6 thoughts on “Top Five Anime Ass Pulls

  1. Gotta disagree with you on Blackbeard. It was known that Blackbeard was a guy with an unusual body, so having the ability to use multiple devil fruits is surprising but not an ass pull.

    You should probably prepare yourself if he gets a zoan fruit, because I’m guessing he’s gonna end up with one of each type of devil fruit.

      1. Keep in mind Blackbeard’s pirate flag has three skull heads. That may be a clue to what he actually is. Also, he’s already got the strongest Logia and Paramecia fruits. He just needs the strongest Zoan now. Yeah, it’s overpowered but Luffy needs someone like that after he beats Kaido.

  2. Nice list! I do think most of these did come out of nowhere except in Blackbeard’s case I thought he was new enough where it just felt like something he had as opposed to an ability showing up out of nowhere for the win. I think the biggest one for me is Goku vs Jiren. Specifically the scene where Goku uses the Destructo Disc to blow the floor away and then he slams Jiren straight down. After the commercial break we find out that he was somehow able to find enough gravel to jump back up, but from the angle and impact Goku hit him with there’s no way that should have worked. (imo)

    For Bleach I have to go with the whole climax with Yhwach. The guy can see the future and the past yet he didn’t realize someone was right behind him? I think it’s my main issue with guys who can see the future because I can rarely believe it when they ultimately end up being defeated

    1. Dragon Ball is often full of Ass Pulls and so was that final Bleach arc. Hitsugaya’s Bankai maturing, Mayuri altering his Bankai (even though you weren’t suppose to be able to do that) and so many more. It’s possible that once Oda explains why Blackbeard can use two devil fruits it won’t seem like an ass pull to me. I think I have more than enough ass pulls left for more lists. LOL.

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