The terror’s in the mind of Sucy


Sucy goes full mad scientists

Little Witch Academia continues to be fun and thoroughly entertaining anime, this episode is certainly that. Sucy, the emo and somewhat unethical witch, was the central character of this episode. Sucy completes a concoction, “created from the extract of a super rare magic mushroom and just a hair below being a lethal dose the ultra super energy drink.” She suggest that drink the potion will take her powers to the next level. She begins drinking the potion, aware of the potential dangers. She considers testing it on Akko first, but decides to try it herself.


Sucy goes into a deep sleep

Sucy enters a deep sleep, Akko and Lotte fail to wake her. They head to class, only to return with Sucy surrounded by mushrooms. Lotte finds a spell that could help, the spell would send a “sacrifice” into the sleeping witch. Akko volunteers herself to be that sacrifice.

In Sucy’s mind

She enters Sucy successfully, she quickly runs into one half of Sucy’s conscience, who wants to kill her. She then runs into the other half of her conscience, who also wants to kill her, but humanely. They offer to help Akko find the “original” Sucy, but they need her to promise to “clean our room, do their laundry, buy snacks, and carry their books for the next month.” Akko runs into several different Sucy personality traits, there’s “slothful Sucy,” “impatient as hell Sucy,” “wrathful Sucy,” “greedy Sucy,” and “Sucy who wants to spit on everything in the world.


The Sucy court by the Sucy

Akko runs into another Sucy that gives her flowers, and is quickly arrested. While in session the Sucy are judged, to death. The Sucy “who’s interested in reading Lotte’s night fall series,” the Sucy that thinks that “animal babies are cute,” the Sucy that “admire the lifestyle of West Coast celebs,” the one that wants “eyelash extensions,” wants to “get a boy,” are all sentenced to death. Akko is informed that the emotional sprouts are to be judge. Akko opens her big mouth and gets herself sentenced to death as well.


Sucy’s favorite memories

The most interesting part of this episode for me was watching Sucy’s memories. In the movie the characters in the series are depicted as Sucy views them. What is so revealing is that despite how goofy Akko appears and how mean she’s treated she is featured disproportionately in the movie.

Part of Sucy’s mind transforms into a grotesque monster, if it manages to consume the original it will become the true Sucy. Akko finally finds the real Sucy in room “666,” she finds Sucy in a bed of thorns. Akko also fights a dragon off, while trying to wake her. She hesitant while she begins trying to kiss Sucy like most fairy tails. Sucy slams Akko’s head into the stone bed and they wake up. This episode was really enjoyable and the animation was spectacular. Sucy is becoming the best character in the series and her personality standout. It will be interesting to see if Lotte will get more characterization later in this series. I hope so.

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