Akko meets a potential enemy

In episode 6 of Little Witch Academia, several new characters are introduced, potentially revealing a new enemy.

Akko still needs practice

We begin with the students of Luna Nova practicing a spell, Metamorphie Faciesse. Lotte goes first, changing a rat into a Beaver, Sucy changes the rat into a bat and finally Diana turn it into a horse. Professor Badcock is impressed until Akko tries and only manages to turn her own ears. Prof. Badcock is displeased with Akko’s progress and tells her that she can’t attend the upcoming welcoming party for the Earl of Hanbridge.


Instead Akko will be required to stay inside her room until she masters the Metamorphie Faciesse spell. As the festivities begin, Akko tries the spell again. However, she only manages to turn her ears into rabbit ears. Meanwhile, the Earl of Hanbridge is clearly bored and so is his son. The friend of his son, Frank, sets his sights on Diana. The Earl asks if his son could be given a tour of the Academy, Headmistress Holbrooke gives the task to Diana.


Lord Andrew hates magic

Diana and Lord Andrew appear to have a relationship from childhood. Andrew dismisses magic as being “uninteresting, and old.” Diana considers Andrew views on magic to be “futile.” Lord Andrew sees magic as being an obsolete, and isn’t surprised by Luna Nova financial troubles. However, Diana appears untroubled by his criticism.


Andrew notices Akko sneaking past into a prohibited area. She attempts to hide and Andrew pulls on her new rabbit ears. Andrew shares his anti-magic rhetoric with Akko, who responds that magic “won’t go away, is neither antiquated nor worthless.” She attempts to show him some magic and only manages to give him donkey ears and a tail. He accompanies Akko to the Fountain of Polaris, while there they run into Arcas, a polar bear like creature.

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Akko is not ready yet

Arcas chases them to the fountain, on the way there they fall and are saved. Akko heads towards the Big Dipper Arc, where she sees the past of Chariot. From the flashbacks it appears that Chariot wasn’t the most talented witch from the beginning, making many mistakes. However, she studies and eventually excels. She is finally given the power from the Fountain of Polaris. Akko learns that she needs to become a more powerful witch before she can gain the magic.


Lord Andrew agrees to keep the events of the night a secret. As he’s returning home with his father, Lord Earl states that he hated the evening and that it confirmed his view that witches “have no purpose in this era.” Andrew questions why his father wasted his time with the witches, he responds that “it is important to place enemies in your debt.”


Another fun episode of Little Witch Academia, we were given the usual comedy from Akko. This time we are of course introduced to potential new antagonists in the Earl and his son. I think that the new threat to Luna Nova is interesting because it might be difficult to fight against humans. I don’t think the conflict will be violent, but probably in the form of financial abuse.


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