Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – Sudden Visitors OVA 2

Sudden Visitors is the second OVA (Original Video Animation) of the Attack on Titan series, the first being “Ilse’s Notebook“. 


It’s the year 847 and Jean is drawing a picture of a girl that looks like Mikasa He’s under the covers, while he cries. His mother opens the door with food in her hands but Jean snaps at her asking why “she didn’t knock”. He kicks her out, destroy’s the drawing and states that he will join the “Military Police”.


Two years later he does, while in one of the cities within the wall, Conner says he’s never been to a walled city and Sasha hopes their will be a lot of good food. Armin and Marco ask Jean if he will return home, but he angrily reply’s with “shut up”. 


A flashback shows Jean and the rest of the 104th trainee squad participating in a mock defense of the “Trost District”. Jean teams up with Armin and Annie, when their first target is found Mikasa strikes first. Jean compliments her stating that she is “the only one who is better than him in the squad”. 


When Jean and his team face three other targets, they are “stolen” by Conner, Reiner and Sasha. Jean gets into an argument claiming that they’re cheaters. Conner asks if Jean’s anger has anything to do with his mother, which further angers him. Dot Pixis tells them that they will determine their dispute with a food contest.


Jean is at first hesitant but decides to agree when Sasha challenges him. He goes with Armin and Annie to search the forest for a large boar. Jean states that the giant boar has the best meat, and they probably will win. Sasha, Conner and Reiner appear next to him, they find the boar first.


Reiner determines that the wild boar is “impossible” to kill. However, Sasha hit’s him twice changing his mind. The boar awakens and Sasha and Conner attack. Jean and his team also follow the boar, Sasha kills the boar by shooting it in the head with an arrow.


Eren and Mikasa are packing boxes into a truck. Eren seems to have difficulty with one box but Mikasa is able to handle three boxes. Jeans mom appears asking where Jean was. When Jeans mom finds him he is embarrassed and rudely tells her to leave. Eren tells him that he shouldn’t treat his mother that way.


Jean later plots to steal beef from the officer pantry. Armin is afraid of this that he manages to break both of his legs running away. Annie also bails on his plan, but before he can accomplish his plan he is interrupted by another solider. The solider gives him the bag his mother left for him. He is reminded of what his mother has done for him.


Sasha and Jean prepare their meals for Dot Pixis. Sasha’s dish is simply meat and he appears to become effected by its deliciousness. He imagines a ridiculous scenario when he is fighting titans, he is stopped by Krista, Eren, Armin, Conner and Mikasa in their “titan” modes. When he returns to reality he is rendered motionless by Sasha’s food.


Jeans meal is next, he eats it but remains quiet. He finally announces his winner, Jean Kirstein. Everyone is surprised including Jean, but Dot Pixis explains that the reason Sasha lost was because she only offered meat, not a meal. At the end Jean make amends with Sasha and plans on visiting his mother.



  1. Effective comedy
  2. Greater insight into Jean


  1. No Killing of titans
  2. None of the dark tone of the main series
  3. limited Mikasa & Eren



This Ova unlike the previous one didn’t add to the lore of the titans. Instead it took a more in-depth focus on a generally secondary character, Jean Kirstein. I find Jean generally likable character in the main series but he really wasn’t until the end of the OVA.

His main unattractive characteristic was his horrible treatment of his mother. Considering the fact that some of his fellow solider (like Eren), don’t even have mother anymore his behavior was even more jarring. Overall, I found this OVA to be very funny and even though I was expecting more titan action I wasn’t disappointed.


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  1. Jean was only likable to most people in the main series after ep. 7~8. This OVA takes place before that.

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