My Hero Academia Episode 86: Recap and Review

In episode 86 of My Hero Academia, Eri finally smiles as she enjoys the U.A School Festival.
Eri Smiling

In episode 86 of My Hero Academia, the U.A. School Festival Arc concludes. Izuku covers for Gentle, telling a suspicious Hound Dog that he and Gentle had a “small disagreement.” Gentle seems to have taken his defeat well. He hopes that “Izuku’s feelings can reach others.” Seeing Gentle as a potential path he could have gone down, Izuku considers Gentle to be his “toughest opponent.” Deku arrives at the performance at 9:50 a.m. Yuga Aoyama gives him his outfit. Many gather to watch the Class 1-A perform, including Eri and Mirio. However, Tsutsutaka and Chikuchi aren’t sure that the show will be any good. They are mistaken.

Eri smiles

The lights go out, and Bakugo yells “let’s go, dammit.” They begin with a flashy entrance, Class 1-A stun the crowd. With synchronized dancing, explosions, and Kyoka singing even the haters in the crowd join in. Kyoka flashes back to the moment she told her parents that she wanted to be a hero, and fight for other people. Her parents are accepting. As she enjoys the performance, Eri finally smiles. Mirio witnessing this begins to cry. This has to be the highlight of this episode. Eri starts to overcome the abuse that emotionally damaged her. After Class 1-A’s performance, Class 1-B performs what seems like Romeo and Juliet mixed with Star Wars. Or maybe I forgot the “I’m your father reveal” in the play.

Mirio and Eri meet Midoriya after the festival. Eri is still glowing. Deku and the rest of the class begin cleanup. As the do Tsutsutaka and Chikuchi apologize for their behavior. The rest of the classes congratulate them on a good performance. Mineta is overeager to clean up. If they hurry they can catch the beauty pageant. Nejire wins with her flashy sky dance. I’ll admit I wasn’t really into this arc, but the festival turned out to be more fun than I thought.

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  1. Eri’s smile is beautiful.

  2. I can’t wait for the remix to Jiro’s song featuring Eminem.

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