Mob Psycho 100 – Season 3 Episode 003

In Mob Psycho 100 – Season 3 Episode 003, Mob saves Tsubomi from a potentially embarrassing situation and is over the moon that she thanks him and says “see you later.” One his way home, Mezato asks him if he wants to go to a gathering for the Psycho Helmet Religion. He’s not interested. A moment later, Tome appears reminding Mob of his to help her look for a telepath. Suddenly, Mob has become a ladies man according to Emi. Mob clearly loves the idea of becoming more popular with the ladies, but quickly becomes deluded. 

The Divine Tree becomes an attraction. Tourists come to stay in hotels with views of the Tree, merchants begin selling merchandise named after the Tree, and finally several religious organizations begin to gather underneath the broccoli Tree. The Tree has become a “symbol of some god,” and the believers prepare for the arrival of a Deity. Their belief becomes energy that feeds the Divine Tree increasing its size. 

Mob the New God?

Mezato calls Mob. She thinks it would be great if Mob became the Deity the religious seem to desire. Despite the fact, Mob inspired the religion in the first place he doesn’t have it in him to lead, and would find worship uncomfortable. Mezato tries to manipulate him by suggesting he’ll become more popular with the ladies. Dimple appears to manipulate Mob. He dispels Mob’s delusion regarding Tsubomi and wants to join forces to take advantage of the Religious. Dimple warns him if he doesn’t take it, someone else will and they’ll take all the Divine energy for themselves. Mob tells Dimple he’s “no different,” from those men and probably should get over his schemes. 

Mob is slowly becoming full of himself. When he shares his intention to go to the meeting with Reigen, the latter sees an opportunity to make some money. He gives Mob some money to go and buy himself something nice to wear. On his way to the store he runs into Hanazawa. He helps Mob find some stylish clothes. Hanazawa tries to point out to Mob that roots have been spouting around town. Mob isn’t paying attention. In a previous post I’ve noted that Mob Psycho 100 focuses on everyday life and treats psychic powers as if they’re nothing special. However, I think this episode complicates this argument.

Fake Mob appears

Mob wants to be normal, he doesn’t notice supernatural events happening around him. Eventually, the supernatural will become a threat to the innocent. Mob is one of the few who can stop these threats but he rather go on dates. Hanazawa acts as a foil for Mob. He loves being psychic and is aware of the supernatural threats surrounding them.

The next day, the auditions begin. The Testimony of the Earth, The Dragon’s Sign, Teachings of Green, and the Rising Sun Spiritual Union all seek control. While Mob waits patiently for Tome to return his calls, an imposture claims to be the “creator of the Divine Tree.” The fake Mob tells the crowd to continue to pray to the Divine Tree causing an uproar. He then shows them a “miracle” making a small broccoli tree appear. 

Mob seems to be going through some changes this episode. Do you agree? Is he becoming more cocky? Coming out of his shell? The fake Mob looked like he was made out of roots or something. Do you think Dimple is responsible? Something else? Will Mob eventually learn to balance the supernatural aspects of the world with the ordinary?

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