Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 8 Review

Survival Training

Ozen brings Riko and Reg to the forest for survival training. She tells them that they are to survive for ten days and cannot go beyond the Pillar tree. Ozen warns Reg against using his incinerator, due to the effects it has on him. According to her he faints for ten minutes after using it, potentially leaving Riko alone and in danger. However, Ozen encourages him to use it only when necessary and without fear. She abandons them to fend for themselves.

Riko and Reg survive

While exploring the area, Reg and Riko find some water. Rohanas, insect like creatures with a pink glowing tail, are indicators of the waters cleanness, as they only live in clean water. Riko attempts to get some water and is attacked by a hippo like creature, Reg is rescued by Riko. They build a hut like structure and start a fire. Riko assumes that a lot of creatures have “regressive” eyes and will keep their distance from them. However, the flame attracts insects instead.

Despite seemingly leaving them to take care of themselves, Ozen continues to watch Reg and Riko. Ozen notices that they depend on each other, she flashes back to her relationship with Lyza, as she reveals that she married Torka and lost her child (Riko). It’s clear that Ozen actually cared for Lyza, and took care of Riko. Both Reg and Riko survive the ten days and return. Ozen tells Reg and Riko about the time distortion effects of the fifth layer.

Beware of the White Whistles

Ozen tells Riko that she believes her mother is still alive, she then warns them against the white whistle found in the fifth layer. The Sovereign of Guidance, Wakuna the Chosen, The Sovereign of Mystery, Srajo the Mysterious, The Sovereign of Dawn, Bondrewd the Novel, are currently in the abyss. Ozen comically tells Reg that Bondrewd isn’t “as kind as she is.” Ozen tells Riko that the note that she has from her mother is written on a relic. Finally, she gives Riko a “Everlasting Pickaxe,” that belonged to her mother and is a weapon. Riko and Reg descend to the third layer, “Great Fault.”

This episode continues to expand the world of the series. Ozen as a character is more complicated than I initially thought. She clearly has a friendship with Lyza and made good on her promise to help her daughter. The white whistles all seem to be “bad” people, although Ozen appeared that way at first. Riko’s general knowledge of the animals and plants in the abyss make her a perfect partner for Reg, who lacks the knowledge and curiosity of Riko, but has strength.

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  1. The more I read about this, the more intrigued I get. I’m still in the middle of Ergo Proxy, but after I have finished that one, I hope to finally get around to this. Great post as always 😊

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