Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 13 Review

Bondrewd dark plan

Nanachi remembers her childhood when she meets the white whistle Bondrewd and he offers the orphans an opportunity to explore the Abyss. He sends the orphans to the fifth layer of the Abyss, the Sea of Corpses as it’s referred to. While being transported down below, Nanachi meets Mitty and they become partners. Both were outcast due to Nanachi being a smelly and dirty child and Mitty being “an idiot,” or simply excitable.

Bondrewd experiments

It was always implied that Bondrewd was an evil character considering what Ozen had previously stated regarding the other explorers. It is revealed that Bondrewd wasn’t interested into becoming a surrogate father to the orphans and instead intended to use them as experiments. Specifically, he wanted to test the effects of the Curse of the Abyss. Bondrewd sends the orphans down an elevator to the sixth layer. At this point viewers already know what’s going to happen, however, it’s still terrible to watch the inevitable.

Mitty and Nanachi

The transformation was horrible to witness as Mitty was being painfully ripped apart begging for death. This of course explains why Nanachi requested Reg kill Mitty for her. Mitty existence is a miserable one, an nearly immortal mass of flesh capable of experiencing pain. Reg unsurprisingly is hesitant ending Mitty suffering. However, he’s convinced by Nanachi that Mitty’s life isn’t worth living. He finally gives in, killing Mitty with his incinerator while teary eyed.

Riko awakens

Riko awakens without movement in her left hand. Riko quickly bonds with Nanachi and teaches her how to cook delicious food. Despite the traumatic first half of, Made in Abyss, the second was more comical. Riko, Reg and Nanachi have all overcome so much trauma. The three manage to work well together playing of each other. The second part of this episode is a stark departure from early, representing what makes this series so enjoyable. Made in Abyss does take great effort in examining the effects of harsh environments and now terrible explorers but does counter with happier moments.

Riko and Reg invite Nanachi to join them, they send a message to the surface. Finally, we see that Bondrewd is able to track the victims of his experiment through their energy signature. He states that he is eager to meet Nanachi again. Overall, this season and series has impressed me. I haven’t seen a series that manages to blend the innocence of children with the horrors of the environments so well, everything from the tone of the series to the art style creates a contrasting world and a endearing series.


Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 11 Review

Getting to know Nanachi

As the title suggests we primarily focus on Nanachi in this episode. The episode strikes a lighter tone, relative to the previous one, however, the gruesome elements still remains. We see some remnants of Nanachi’s past, Nanachi appears to have work for, Bondrewd the Novel. We are also introduced to Mitty, a human the was transformed by the curse of the Sixth Layer. Mitty, unlike Nanachi wasn’t transformed into a cute rabbit creature, but into a tragic grotesque, hairy, one eyed flesh creature. Mitty has lost all her intelligence and is largely limited to making various moans and sounds. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for what Mitty has become, while at the same time feel repulsed by her appearance.

Nanachi saves Riko

Nanachi gives Reg a list of ingredient to help save Riko. Made in Abyss continues with it’s weirdly invasive interest into the bodies of the prepubescent characters, while largely non-sexually it’s seems to be a consistent theme in this series. In this episode, this focus is on Riko, instead of Reg, as Nanachi inserts a suppository into Riko’s rectum and constantly mentioning the fact that Riko urinated blood through her clothing and having Reg wash them. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, but necessary to add to this series harrowing environment.

Reg’ memories

While washing Riko’s clothing, Reg has a flashback to a past memory. He hears a voice and remembers that he was once in present at a grave-site, marked by Lyza’s Blaze Reap. This scene adds to the future intrigue of the series, who created Reg and what’s his connection to Lyza? Clearly, Reg will get more of his memories as the series continues, creating anticipation for what they will reveal. Overall, the series continues to expand the it’s world, while reminding the audience that more dangers await.

Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 10 Review

The fourth layer, the Goblet of Giants

Reg and Riko begin to head down towards the fourth layer, the Goblet of Giants. Riko quickly displays her knowledge of the new layer’s plant life, however, while Riko is excited, Reg is concerned. This layer will cause such a strain that you will “bleed out of every orifice in your body.” Reg feels the presence of a creature, it turns out to a “orbed-piercer” that has spines that can penetrate steel. They are also covered in poison, Reg and Riko attempt to escape, but the orbed-piercer catches up to them.

Reg and Riko vs the Orbed-piercer

The orbed appears to be more intelligence than originally thought. It prevents Reg and Riko from fleeing, while blocking the blaze reap. Riko gives the scaled umbrella to Reg, he uses it to block the orbed attack, but pierces the umbrella and Riko’s hand, poisoning her. Reg ties a rope around Riko’s arm to prevent the poison from spreading, the blaze reap is submerge under water and he can’t use his incinerator or he’ll faint. Reg’s only choice is to flee upwards, as the orbed prepares to strike he yells distracting it, then uses his arm to pull them up.

Riko poisoned

Riko begins to hallucinate, the curse of the abyss causes the poison to be “expelled” from Riko’s body, however, then her blood begins to pour out of her eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Meanwhile, Riko’s hand turns purple and begins to swell. Riko tells Reg to cut her hand off, she tells him that he needs to break the bone first, then cut it. Riko begins to turn pale and stops breathing, as Reg’s is crying an odd looking creature appears and tells him to perform CPR.

The creature introduces itself, as Nanachi a hollow.  This episode was intense and harsh. Normally I would assume that Riko would always be okay regardless of what happens but even though she will survive this ordeal she won’t be the same. The breaking of her arm was hard to watch, but at the same time adds to the series realness and since of urgency. Reg and Riko have also lost several item intended to help them survive, making them more helpless than they were before. I don’t think this Nanachi is trustworthy but Riko and Reg need it to survive.

Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 8 Review

Survival Training

Ozen brings Riko and Reg to the forest for survival training. She tells them that they are to survive for ten days and cannot go beyond the Pillar tree. Ozen warns Reg against using his incinerator, due to the effects it has on him. According to her he faints for ten minutes after using it, potentially leaving Riko alone and in danger. However, Ozen encourages him to use it only when necessary and without fear. She abandons them to fend for themselves.

Riko and Reg survive

While exploring the area, Reg and Riko find some water. Rohanas, insect like creatures with a pink glowing tail, are indicators of the waters cleanness, as they only live in clean water. Riko attempts to get some water and is attacked by a hippo like creature, Reg is rescued by Riko. They build a hut like structure and start a fire. Riko assumes that a lot of creatures have “regressive” eyes and will keep their distance from them. However, the flame attracts insects instead.

Despite seemingly leaving them to take care of themselves, Ozen continues to watch Reg and Riko. Ozen notices that they depend on each other, she flashes back to her relationship with Lyza, as she reveals that she married Torka and lost her child (Riko). It’s clear that Ozen actually cared for Lyza, and took care of Riko. Both Reg and Riko survive the ten days and return. Ozen tells Reg and Riko about the time distortion effects of the fifth layer.

Beware of the White Whistles

Ozen tells Riko that she believes her mother is still alive, she then warns them against the white whistle found in the fifth layer. The Sovereign of Guidance, Wakuna the Chosen, The Sovereign of Mystery, Srajo the Mysterious, The Sovereign of Dawn, Bondrewd the Novel, are currently in the abyss. Ozen comically tells Reg that Bondrewd isn’t “as kind as she is.” Ozen tells Riko that the note that she has from her mother is written on a relic. Finally, she gives Riko a “Everlasting Pickaxe,” that belonged to her mother and is a weapon. Riko and Reg descend to the third layer, “Great Fault.”

This episode continues to expand the world of the series. Ozen as a character is more complicated than I initially thought. She clearly has a friendship with Lyza and made good on her promise to help her daughter. The white whistles all seem to be “bad” people, although Ozen appeared that way at first. Riko’s general knowledge of the animals and plants in the abyss make her a perfect partner for Reg, who lacks the knowledge and curiosity of Riko, but has strength.

Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 7 Review

The truth of Riko’s birth

Ozen reveals a shocking truth, that the “Curse Warding Box” has the ability to “temporarily” revive the dead. The monster that Riko saw the previous episode was revived by the box, but was a lump of meat a few hours prior. She then reveals that Riko was born stillborn and revived using this relic. This obviously is surprising and ominous for Riko considering that anyone or thing brought back from the dead dies again. Ozen is overtly cruel towards Riko, suggesting that she was the equivalent to the meat she reanimated.

Reg verses Ozen

After Ozen torments Riko a little bit, Reg comes to her rescue. However, Ozen proves to have odd strength. She attacks him hoping that she will “dispose” of him before his memory returns. Reg is completely ineffective against her, and she slams him into the ground. When, Riko tries to stop her, she knocks her into a wall, causing her to bleed. Reg decides to use his cannon, but Ozen uses it against him. During the altercation Ozen arm is exposed and she tells Reg that she embedded something called “Thousand-Men Wedges,” and that she “inserted them at 120 points around her body,” resulting in her living for so long.

Just a test

Despite her assault on Reg and Riko, Ozen claims that she only was serious to test them. She was concern that they couldn’t survive in the Abyss, she decides that she will train them like she did Lyza. Ozen also tells them that the grave she found was empty, implying that Riko’s mother may still be alive. Ozen’s first test will be a survival test, challenging Reg and Riko to survive alone in the forest for 10 days. Ozen is an interesting character, she’s appears to be amoral. Her willingness to attack Riko and Reg does not bold well for her claim that she didn’t really mean it. I think you can assume from her treatment of assistant that it wasn’t all an act. However, her behavior is likely to have help her survive this long. This series keeps getting more interesting and darker, while I don’t like Ozen, her personality adds to the series.

Next Episode: Survival Training

Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 4 Review

The fourth episode of Made in Abyss, entitled the Edge of the Abyss, sees Reg and Riko begin there travel down into the depths of the abyss. Reg uses his arms to great effect in this episode showing his versatility and usefulness in traversing the abyss. Riko has her usefulness as well, she has general known of the surrounding flora and fauna, as well as cooking. Reg gives Riko an envelope featuring a replica of her mother’s sealed letter.

Reg speculates that the letter was placed in his pocket by Leader, Riko reads a note stating that leader will pursue them at dawn. Reg and Riko conclude that this is a test to see if they are worthy of begin explorers. They encounter a strange spider like creature called Silkfangs, that is limited in movement by webs. The episode fails to explain what the creature is and why it’s limited by web. I think this was a missed opportunity to further reveal the world.

Reg notices a green light in the distance and conclude that it must be a search party. It turns out that their pursuer is Black Whistle Hablog and he wants to see the “supreme treasure of the netherworld,” he like Riko in a previous check the “balls,” of Reg. Regardless, he explains that Nat and Shiggy hired him to help them get to the second layer. Riko tells him while she appreciates his help the mission is their “last test.” Hablog accepts this and gives Riko a vaccine for the second layer, mustard steamed and a warning regarding “Ozen the Immovable.” However, Riko doesn’t appear to consider the warning that serious, she and Reg finally arrive in the second layer, the Forest of Temptation.


Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 2 Review

Problems with cave raiding

We quickly learn that there are problems with going deeper into the abyss. A tremendous psychical toll can be a consequence the deeper you travel. When returning to the surface from the first layer you would experience “mild dizziness,” from the second layer you will experience, “nausea, headaches, and numbness of the extremities,” from the fourth, “intense pain throughout the body and bleeding.” When an explorer travels from the sixth layer or beyond, they will apparently result in their lose of “humanity or even death.” This phenomenon is dubbed “the curse of the abyss.”

Who or What is Reg

Based on the curse, Riko and the others conclude that it’s possible that Reg came from the bottom of the abyss. Reg wonders if that’s the case, but what’s his purpose. The check the “Compilation of Recorded Relics,” is a “field guide to the major Relics that have been unearthed.” Reg isn’t found in this book, however, Riko has done some research on Reg, he can function with food or electricity as a fuel source. He possess smooth but hard skin, flame retardant hair, superior sight and hearing, flexible material and apparently he has a normal human penis.

If that wasn’t strange enough it seems that Riko experimented on Reg without his consent. Due to all of the special material that made Reg he’s considered to be incredibly valuable, as a Aubade, “supreme treasure of the netherworld.” This unsurprisingly mean that he is in danger of being taken apart, captured and hidden. To proved him with a cover they give clothing to hid his arms and legs and a false story. Obviously, this is going to be an important plot point in the future. I think Reg will be exposed at some point and maybe Riko and her friends become outlaws at that point.

Reg shocked at Riko’s invasion

Learning about the whistles

Cave raiders are into groups, these groups are symbolized by the color of the whistles. The apprentices have red whistles, the proficient blue whistles, assistant-instructor Moon whistles, expert black whistles and the heroes the white whistles. This episode focuses on the white whistle, Liza the Annihilator, she is clear held as an example for the larger society. She’s even depicted as being a dragon and used to sell merchandise. The most important revelation is that Liza is Riko’s mother and much is expected from Riko, her father was a black whistle named Torka.

More animals are introduced, a hammerbeaks

In this episode the world is expanded, as we learn about more problems with cave exploration. It makes since that robots like Reg would exists in the world with the harsh conditions, however, it seem strange that no one thinks robots exists or that they shouldn’t be created for everyone. Riko becomes a more complex character as her mother’s fame is presented, she will have a lot to live up to. Riko is reckless and is definitely going to get herself in trouble.

Riko with her mother’s whistle

Thank you for reading.