Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 5: Recap and Review

Sukuna in control of Yuji's body in episode 5 of Jujutsu Kaisen
Sukuna in control of Yuji’s body

Episode 5 – “Fearsome Womb, Part 2”

Early in Jujutsu Kaisen episode 5, Sukuna appears behind Megumi, telling him that Yuji won’t be coming back. He says that Yuji “overused his power without a pact.” Without being able to switch back, Sukuna is in control. To prevent Yuji from returning when he recovers, Sukuna rips out his heart. If Yuji returns, he’ll die. This moment was shocking. However, it was a clever decision by Sukuna. I was never under the impression that Yuji wouldn’t come back and “die,” but I’m curious how he returns. Sukuna on the other hand assumes that Yuji is a “coward,” and he won’t risk death. After swallowing the third finger Sukuna and Megumi fight. 

Sukuna verses Megumi

This was always going to be a beat down, but sometimes these fights are entertaining. Megumi releases that Sukuna can use Reverse Cursed Technique. By reversing cursed energy the user heals themselves. Megumi believes that if he could put Sukuna at a disadvantage (because he’s weakened without a heart) he can force Sukuna to use Reverse Curse and heal the heart. Megumi tries valiantly to pressure Sukuna but fails. Sukuna’s able to easily evade his attacks destroys his Orochi shinigami and tosses Megumi around without much effort. Despite how weak Megumi is compared to Sukuna, the latter is impressed. Megumi is prepared to unleash more power when Yuji returns. He dies telling Megumi to “live a long life.” 

It was a setup

In the morgue, Gojo meets with Ijichi. He assumes that the higher-ups set Yuji up to die since they wanted to execute him anyway. He says that maybe he should “kill” them all. At the school, Nobara and Megumi are saddened by Yuji’s death, despite not knowing him that long. They’re introduced to second years, Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki, and a panda named Panda. The trio are odd, but I get the feeling that most characters in this series will be. They invite Megumi and Nobara to participate in a Goodwill event against another school. Nobara and Megumi are excited to join, as they both want to get stronger. 

Sukuna and Yuji might make a pack

Tournament arcs are a staple in anime, it’s just a question of when they occur. It might seem too early but it will be an excellent opportunity to see the fighting techniques in this series. The introduction of the three curses and an apparent evil sorcerer was interesting. He seems to be familiar with Gojo. So far we are told that Gojo is powerful, but the evil sorcerer confirms that he’s one of two forces (the other being Yuji/Sukuna) preventing the Curses from controlling the Earth. Finally, Yuji isn’t dead or his soul isn’t. Sukuna seems to be in conversation with the remnants of Yuji. I believe that they will create a pack. 

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