Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 12: Recap and Review

Sukuna and Mahito laughing at Yuji's pain in episode 12 of Jujutsu Kaisen.
Sukuna and Mahito laughing at Yuji’s pain

Episode 12 – “To You Someday”

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 12, “To You Someday,” shows the tragic end of Juupei. Yuji ignores the orders from Nanami and Ijichi to “not to make a move.” Episode 12 briefly introduces us to a new sorcerer, Takuma Ino. Nanami leaves Ino to deal with many Cursed Spirits. If he does, Nanami will give him a Grade 1 recommendation. Juupei rejects Yuji’s plead to stop. Forced to use force, Yuji hits Junpei’s jellyfish-like Shikigami, “Moon Dregs.” The Shikigami protects Juupei from taking damage. In a flashback, they reveal that Mahito gave him this ability and the Shikigami can create poison from its Cursed Energy. The Moon Dreg surrounds Yuji, but he’s unharmed by the poison and grabs Juupei. Yuji recalls Gojo telling him that the best way to defeat a Shikigami is to attack the user. Yuji lands a strike on Juupei, knocking him through a window.

Juupei’s rationale is confusing for Yuji. However, after he reveals that they cursed his mother, Yuji understands. Yuji empathizes with him, promising to find out who cursed his mother. Suddenly, Mahito appears. He attacks Yuji, pinning him to the wall with his arm. He calls Yuji, “Sukuna’s vessel,” while Juupei tries to stop him. Yuji yells at Juupei to “run” but it’s too late. Mahito turns Juupei into a mutated monster. Juupei attacks Yuji. He begs Sukuna to help heal Juupei. He refuses. It excites Sukuna to learn that Yuji has forgotten their vow. Sukuna and Mahito laugh at Yuji’s anguish. It reminds Yuji that both Mahito and Sukuna “are both curses.”

Juupei dies. Mahito finds his death funny, and Yuji becomes enraged. Yuji hits Mahito with a powerful punch, hitting both his body and soul. Mahito notes that “because of his own soul sharing a body with Sukuna, Yuji has naturally learned how to perceive the contours of the soul.” Yuji is so enraged that he intends to kill Mahito, something he never wanted to do. Geto previously warns Mahito that “Yuji has no regard for his own life and taking a hostage won’t work.” Mahito hopes to use Yuji’s rage against him, forcing him into a pact with Sukuna. Mahito avoids making himself bigger, but creates an arm of mill blades and slashes at Yuji. He escapes through a hole in the wall.

Mahito transforms his arm into a drill and fires it at Yuji. He avoids the drill and grabs Mahito’s flesh, which turns into thorns piercing Yuji’s hand. Regardless, Yuji keep holding on and pulls Mahito down, crashing into a wall. Yuji attacks, but Mahito ignores that damage. He pierces Yuji’s stomach with flesh spikes. Mahito takes the opportunity to “re-shape Yuji’s soul.” Sukuna chastises him for daring to touch his soul. He lets him off this once, but makes it clear he won’t be so generous the next time. Stunned, it leaves Mahito opened to a brutal attack from Yuji. He smashes the Curse Spirit’s face in, but Mahito suddenly appears behind him. Having shaped shifted his hand into a mace, he prepares to attack. Nanami uses his Ratio Technique to counter Mahito’s attack. The two prepare to team up against Mahito.

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 12 reminds us that Yuji’s worldview might not be appropriate for this world. He doesn’t listen to authority, and it cost his friend’s life. I originally thought Juupei might become a member of Mahito’s group, but he was more useful as a pawn. Despite Yuji’s personality, he does genuinely care about people. Nanami notes that he “is always thinking of others.” I don’t expect him to change too much, but his view of Curse Spirits may have. The upcoming battle has interruption written all of them. The question I have is, will Geto finally show his face?

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  1. I like how they subverted the trope of “main character befriending the demon within.” Sukuna is NOT going to help him in any capacity- he should never rely on Sukuna’s help. And how he treats Mahito really does live up to the epithet “King Of Curses.” Sukuna is just a great villain so far. And I get the feeling that whatever he has planned is gonna be the end of days.

    1. Yeah. Yuji and Sukuna aren’t going to become Naruto and the Nine tails.

      1. It’s going to make Yuji’s progression all the more interesting and necessary.

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