Attack on Titan Episode 3: Recap and Review

Reiner considers killing himself

Episode 3 – “The Door of Hope”

The 3rd episode of Attack on Titan, “The Door of Hope,” begins with Reiner remembering a past conversation with his mother. She tells him they have “demon blood” inside them and that his father abandoned them because he was a Marleyan. She weeps. The Eldians living in the Marley nation have developed an inferior complex. Desperate to become a Marleyan, Reiner volunteers to be a Warrior. The training is severe, as it subjects them to psychical exhaustion, while the commander berates them. When the warriors are told that there will be an attack on Paradise Island, Reiner is the most excited. However, he humiliated by Porco Galliard, who calls him “weak.” They assign the 6 Titans to 6 warriors, Anne the Female Titan, Reiner the Armored Titan, Marcel the Jaw Titan, Zeke the Beast Titan, Pieck the Cart Titan, andBertholdt the Colossus Titan. Commander Magath believes they’re the strongest group of Warrior yet, however, he still thinks sending kids to retrieve the Founding Titan is “crazy.”

Marcel gets eaten by Ymir

I’m Sorry

It enrages Porco that that Reiner becomes the Armored Titan. At a parade, Reiner sees his father. Excited to be an honorary Marleyan, Reiner assumes that his father would accept him and his mother. Unfortunately, his father wants nothing to do with him or his mother fearing death. He tells Reiner he would leave to get “far away from the demon Eldians.” Reiner still has hope that they will welcome him as a hero. On the Island, the warriors doubt the militaries plan. Suddenly, Marcel reveals that manipulated the military into giving him the Armored Titan to save his brother. While Reiner is absorbing this, Ymir eats Marcel. This moment is a bit confusing, but is appears to be at a later point in the journey. Without Marcel, Anne wants to find Ymir and leave. Reiner tells her to they “need to finish the mission.” Anne assumes that Reiner would be punished and feed to the next warrior.

An unamed soldier (Eren?) explores the cost of war

Reiner is dead

He asks why Anne believes she won’t face punishment along with him? Believing he’s only trying to save himself, Anne beats Reiner. Determined, Reiner gets back up bloody, he chokes Anne telling her “he will be Marcel.” We finally get to see what happened the day the Colossus Titan attacked. The three join the Scouts and Anne tries and cannot infiltrate the Mitras. The following morning they train using ODM gear. Reiner inspires Eren to “to move forward and achieve his goals,” while in the present Reiner loads a shotgun preparing to commit suicide. He remembers that he has the young Warriors to live for.

Falco is returning home when he’s called over by the soldier he helped the previous day. He tells him he’s been “faking his amnesia because he does not want to face his family.” They discuss the hardship war has on people. This episode was another good one. However, it ended abruptly. I felt like there was a revelation missing. Then, by watching videos online, I learned that the soldier is probably Eren. It was too subtle but changes everything. Clearly, Eren and the rest of the Scouts have invaded Marley. By filling us in on the Eldians from Marley’s side of the story, Attack on Titan is giving us an opportunity to sympathize with them. I expect it will make the upcoming conflict more heartbreaking.

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